The Kongversation: Forbidden Love in the Donkey Kong Universe

On Valentine's Day, Nick and I got Very Gnawty with Funky Kong, Candy Kong, Panther Caroso, Mr. Pants, Mrs. Pie, and Bumper the badger. Think of this episode as Boggy's new spank bank.

CLASSIC Cob Cock Day Commercial: Sauce Cobbies! (1990s VHS Recording)

For the big day this year, we've dredged up a classic Cob Cock Day candy commercial. Remember Sauce Cobbies? No? Then you're a liar. Everyone has tried a Sauce Cobby at least once in their life, and this 1990s advert was a big reason why.

The Kongversation: Sea of Thieves Closed Beta First Impressions
DKU Comix: 2-04-18

Here's that "Stopwatchmen" piece from our T.T./Sea of Thieves video, now in all of its large, stationary glory: One of Spuzzwick's finest yet! #TTInSeaOfThieves

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  OUR NEW 2018 STICKERS ARE HERE!These are complimentary to anyone who backs us on Patreon, even if it's just a dollar a month. A big thanks to Matt, who once again designed these museum-worthy masterpieces....
 ILDC 02/21/2018, 11:46:33 PMPost #184
  Is the last sticker some kinda podcast in-joke?...
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