DKU Comix: 2-14-16

This week's issue of "DKU Comix!" is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day...with utter, unending, hopeless despair! Cry your googly eyes out here.

Star Wars: The Special of Cock

It's this year's Cob Cock Day special!  In 1982, George Lucas attempted to follow up the Star Wars Holiday Special with another seasonal classic.  Things didn't quite work out for him, but luckily DK Vine is here to preserve history.  Introducing Star Wars: The Special of Cock!

The Kongversation – Spotlight: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Cock me up, cob!  It's the first of two Cob Cock Day 2016 specials for you today: Our Spotlight episode for Donkey Kong Jungle Beat!

DKU Comix: 2-07-16

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  I'll second that notion. And third it, and fourth it...By the way, tangentially related to Patreon, I'm gauging interest on a Minecraft server for the DKV community! Check out this thread and let me...
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