The Kongversation: Rarenaissance

In less than a week, not only did Playtonic reveal more information about Project Ukulele, but Banjo, Kazooie and Conker all resurfaced as well.  Chad, Joe and I discuss the Rarenaissance!

“Conker’s Big Reunion” Set to Spark up this April

Up until today you'd be forgiven for thinking Microsoft had simply forgotten about Conker's inclusion in Project Spark teased at last year's E3; the game busted out into the world last October without even a sniff of squirrel piss or scouser's shit. FOR SHAME.

The wait's over, though; Bill Gates has finally deigned to reveal this teaser trailer starring Chris "Squirrel Piss" Seavour! WATCH THE SHIT OUT OF IT!

Playtonic Reveal All (Well, Some) at EGX Rezzle 2015

The big boys from Playtonic (that's the supergroup of former DKU gamemakers from Rare, if you haven't been paying attention or refuse to retain all recent memories) rolled into the ECG Rizzla's 2015 (or whatever it's called) gaming convention this afternoon, and proceeded to elaborate on their plans for their Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor Project Ukelele. READ ON, READER!

The Kongversation – Interview: Chris Sutherland

As promised, here's our interview with Playtonic Games' Chris Sutherland.  His fingers made Donkey Kong Country and Banjo-Kazooie.  You owe it to those fingers to listen.

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The Kongversation - Latest episode - Rarenaissance
 TheMasterDS 03/27/2015, 09:22:38 PMPost #2270
  How about Shovel Knight speedrunner and DKVine alumni Captain Drake? He's someone who already understands DKVine's shtick in the speed running scene. Could be one way to make some connections....
 Krusha-the-Guido 03/27/2015, 09:41:29 PMPost #2271
  If Chris or anyone else from Playtonic (that is former Rare staff) comes on the Kongversation again, please ask them if they have played Tropical Freeze or Returns. I would like to know what they thought...
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The Kongversation - Interview: Chris Sutherland
Chad and Hyle interview Chris Sutherland of Rare and Playtonic fame!
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