The Kongversation – Spotlight: Donkey Kong Country 3 (part 1)

The Donkey Kong Country 3 Spotlight begins here!  In the first installment, I'm joined by Nick to discuss the hype and anticipation around the release of the game.  Travel back to 1996 when we didn't know which Brothers Bear was best or what a Parallel Bird even was!

Happy 20.00548th Birthday Donkey Kong Country 3!

Well, we missed the actual birthday by two days, but everyone knows it's the 20.00548th birthday that people really enjoy getting excited about! To celebrate, we've whacked up a BRAND NEW DKC3 SITE LAYOUT, courtesy of DK Vine staffer and artistic god-among-men Cameron Reigle! Forum skin to follow shortly, but for now let's all take in the mouth-watering Kremisphere vista whilst imagining Kiddy Kong going "WAAAAAAAAA". Can't believe he's still wearing nappies at age 20, dirty boy.

The Kongversation – Diddy Kong Racing Rumors Escape: The Diddy Kong Racing Adventure Pitch

Kevin Callahan?  Nope!  This time, the bizarre tale of a Diddy Kong Racing sequel is weaved by UK studio Climax, who attempted but failed to convince Nintendo to make a GameCube DKR game in 2004.  Matt and I talk about the saucy details on this weekend's show!

The Kongversation: Dialing Imperialist Western Call Sack With Glorious Red Phone From Mother Russia

DK Vine is back up and running 101%, and we're Putin on our Sunday best with a brand new Kongversation! It's a Call Sack with both Chad and me, but it also features an extensive conversation about what happened to the site over this last week. Don't be Russian off before you give it a listen!

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