More Mentions, Your Honour?

Alright, alright, put your funny judge's wig and novelty mallet down, I don't want a repeat of last week. DO do this, though: lookie here! Milo's pulled another belter with our DKU Honourable Mentions coverage, tackling the Star Fox Dinosaur Planet precursors! It's probably the most exciting Star Fox-related thing to happen all month!

DKU Comix: 4-24-16

We've all been there...the end of our rope. Sometimes all you need is an old friend with a few words of encouragement. Unfortunately, you have no friends. But you do have...DKU Comix! Read the new one here! (Don't worry. We don't have friends either.)  Also, in case you missed it, don't forget to check out the Kongversation's interview with Steve Mayles and Andy Robinson of Playtonic!

The Kongversation – Interview: Steve Mayles and Andy Robinson of Playtonic

You're reading that right.  After months of silence, Playtonic opens up in an exclusive interview with the Kongversation!  We're joined by Steve Mayles (legendary Rare veteran and designer of Dixie Kong, K. Rool and Banjo-Kazooie) and Andy Robinson (video game journalist-turned-Playtonic's word man) to discuss Yooka-Laylee and beyond!

The Kongversation: Hey Kids! DKU Comix!

Nick joins the show (as spaghetti joins Chad's mouth) to discuss his own DKU Comix on the newest episode of the Kongversation!

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