Donkey Kong Land: Big Reedview City

Some time ago, forum regular and occasional DK Vine contributor Reed gave us his extensive write-up of the quirky handheld DKC follow-up, Donkey Kong Land. Well, after a rather longer wait than was intended (apologies to all concerned, ESPECIALLY Hogwash) we've got the whole thing for you, right here! Encompassing previously unpublished examination of the game's final two worlds, Monkey Mountains/Chimpanzee Clouds and Big Ape City.

REED it up! And remember, Hogwash is WATCHING YOU.

The Kongversation: The Leak of the SSB Sakurai

The Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (and therefore the Wii U) roster has been leaked.  Donkey Kong fans aren't getting anything.  Uh oh.  Join me with special guest Joe Mudd as we try to plug Sakurai's leak!

Bio! Bio!

Long-time DK Vine contributor Krazy Kopter's back with another helping of biographical deliciousness for your Sunday afternoon! Or whenever you want to read them, really. YOU ARE A FREE HUMAN after all. We've got the tragic tale of living logo Ann "Sixty" Forman, the not-so-tragic tale of Bovina, the, er, inky tale of Squiddicus and our first DKCTF bios for Pompy, Ba-Boom, Bashmaster and Tim!

Oh, and some fucker from Kinect Sports Rivals. Did I mention that's DKU now? That's DKU now.

The Kongversation: 15 Years with Like-Minded Weirdos

For the site's 15th anniversary (!), the two main keyboard tappers have recorded a three hour-plus (!) tribute to those who have helped make DK Vine the most popular fan-run website about Donkey Kong around.  Well, not THAT Donkey Kong.  The one from 1994.  Well, okay, then there's DKC Atlas, but we also talk about Banjo and stuff.  Just listen to the damn episode, would you?

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