The Kongversation: The Nintendo Switch

After endless speculation over the Wii U's sickbed, the Nintendo Switch has finally been revealed!  I'm joined by Nick and Chad (sort of) to discuss Nintendo's upcoming console, as well as the Donkey Kong Universe possibilities that await us.

The Kongversation: Salvaging Star Fox

Here's the delayed Kongversation that was scheduled for last weekend.  Obviously recorded before the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, it deals with what Nintendo can do to save the Star Fox franchise.  Our Switch impressions are coming this Sunday for Patrons!

Nintendo Makes the Switch

Nintendo's unveiled it's latest...wait, surely your social media feeds have this well covered right?  Do we really need an article to tell you about it?  Well, alright...

The Kongversation: Shoveling the News Dump

Recent Yooka-Laylee and Sea of Thieves news is at the heart of this weekend's Kongversation, including an exclusive report on Yooka filed by listener Evan Lin!

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