Unlimited Rare Ltd. Merchandise Is Coming!

Rare is looking for partners to help create not only new apparel, but also books and toys.  WILL I FINALLY GET MY GEORGE ICE CUBE SEX DOLL?

The Sabreman Can!

...get Honourably Mentioned, that is! Hey, so check out Milo's latest Honourable Mentions write-ups on the Sabreman series! It's a biggie for Banjo-Tooie fans confused as to what this website thinks it's playing at by not mentioning 'em. Consider yourselves duly HONOURED, confused Banjo-Tooie fans!

DK Vine Hall of Fame 2016 (Part Two)

Here we go again!  Who is the second inductee in our Hall of Fame this year?  Was it someone you campaigned for?  Will this be the greatest day of your life?  Probably not.

The Kongversation: E3 2016 Nintendo

Terribly belated, but here it is!  I'm joined by Mitchell Wolfe (from off of the DK Vine Forum and from off of the Forum Watch) to talk about Nintendo's E3 offerings!  New amiibos, a new Mario Party and even their third-party DKU offerings in Yooka-Laylee and Skylanders Imaginators!  Mitchell also gives us the inside scoop on playing Zelda!

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