The Kongversation: Switch First Impressions

How to do Switch impressions when you don't have a Switch? Call up The Geek Critique's Josh Wallen to sit in with you on the Kongversation!

Jonathan Tronathan Has Been Removed From Yooka-Laylee

Daft Punk won't be writing the score to THIS Tron!

The Kongversation: This Episode Is About Yooka-Laylee and Sea of Thieves
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 I.M.Gibbon 03/03/2017, 05:26:45 PMPost #177
  QUOTE(Slush @ Mar 2 2017, 03:19 PM) 468289Those getting the bumper stickers got their's sent out last, but they were mailed this week.Excellent!Will proudly display on my vehicle...
 I.M.Gibbon 03/06/2017, 06:09:35 AMPost #178
  And they arrived yesterday! Good times! Everything looks great ...
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