The Kongversation – Yooka-Laylee: Beyond World 5

They say the bee populations are dying. I hope the oncoming environmental collapse doesn't make Yooka-Laylee's conclusion a weird relic, or else the new Kongversation won't make any sense to future generations!

The Kongversation: Better Call Sack!

Like a chimp with a machine gun (or a monkey with a peanut popgun), the Kongversation comes firing out of E3 with a new Call Sack episode. Want to be on the show in the future? Then dial 1-202-630-VINE!

SNES Classic Edition Revealed

Nintendo have revealed their second adorable miniaturised console, and of course Donkey Kong Country, one of the most successful and revolutionary games for the Super Nintendo, will be included. The console is set for release on the 29th of September.

The Kongversation: E3 2017 Wrap Up

Like Tom Cruise from off of The Mummy, we "wrap up" our E3 thoughts in an episode that's only going to do well in China.

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  I mean, yeah, you can technically do that. Nothing is prohibiting you!Although I'd wait until Tuesday before making any commitments one way or another. The Patreon is getting its big revamp then, and we're...
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  RIP Complete Elvis and Slick Monty on YouTube...
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