The Kongversation: Nintendo Directile Dysfunction

Cloud?  Cloud.  Cloud Cloud Cloud.  Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud.  Cloud?  Cloud!

The Kongversation: The World of Banjo-Kazooie

In celebration of the upcoming 15th anniversary of Banjo-Tooie, we look at the world building and interconnected society of Banjo-Kazooie games.  Spiral Mountain!  The Isle O'Hags!  Showdown Town!  The Northern Kremisphere?  Maybe!  Anything is possible when you're as drunk as I am.

DK Vine Patreon Update!

A quick rundown on where our Patreon goals stand... and why we would love you forever if you supported us!

DKU Comix: 11-08-15

It ain't easy being a squirrel. You make a lot of enemies! It sure would be bad if you THOUGHT all of those enemies died floating in outer space years ago but they somehow survived. However, if said enemies all teamed up just to get revenge on you...that would be EVEN WORSE (Especially if you're not even that squirrel they think you are)!Check out this week's installment of DKU Comix's "Honker's Even Worse Week" right here!

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  Oh feedback? Sure.Personally I'd suggest treating this not as a DK Country Club. I don't patronize because I want something for myself, I patronize because uh... hmm... Well, in general I patronize because I want to...
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