DKU Comix: 03-29-15
The Kongversation: It’s Mr Iwata: Mobile Edition

On deck in this week's episode are crossover possibilities for Project Ukulele, confirmation of Mumbo Jumbo's species, and Nintendo President Satoru Iwata's announcement that Nintendo will begin developing games for mobile platforms. Oh, and naturally, nasal diarrhea.

The Kongversation: Rarenaissance

In less than a week, not only did Playtonic reveal more information about Project Ukulele, but Banjo, Kazooie and Conker all resurfaced as well.  Chad, Joe and I discuss the Rarenaissance!

“Conker’s Big Reunion” Set to Spark up this April

Up until today you'd be forgiven for thinking Microsoft had simply forgotten about Conker's inclusion in Project Spark teased at last year's E3; the game busted out into the world last October without even a sniff of squirrel piss or scouser's shit. FOR SHAME.

The wait's over, though; Bill Gates has finally deigned to reveal this teaser trailer starring Chris "Squirrel Piss" Seavour! WATCH THE SHIT OUT OF IT!

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The Kongversation - Latest episode - It's Mr Iwata: Mobile Edition
 Enter The Kiwi 03/31/2015, 04:16:30 AMPost #2296
  QUOTEFuck Superman. Just... FUCK Superman.Sounds like you were the victim of some Superdickery....
 Slush 03/31/2015, 05:07:36 AMPost #2297
  Well, the problem with Superman is that he's got a few very distinct interpretations and people choose one or the other but very few people like more than one. For some reason, the character just...
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The Kongversation - Interview: Chris Sutherland
Chad and Hyle interview Chris Sutherland of Rare and Playtonic fame!
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