DKU Comix: 8-30-15

Are you enjoying DKU Comix's current story arc "Honker's Even Worse Week" but A) aren't one of the three people who played Conker's Pocket Tales or B) aren't one of the six people who are aware Conker's Pocket Tales even exists? No problem! In this week's issue we flash back a bit and cover Honker's previous doings. Get caught up here! We thank you for being one of the two people who actually read this comic!

The Kongversation – Abortion Clinic: Donkey Kong Country 2 (Virtual Boy)

The Virtual Boy has just turned 20!  As such, we take a look back at Nintendo's maligned system and discuss its history, its game library, and that version of Donkey Kong Country 2 that Rare was planning to make for it...

The Kongversation: X15 Ways to Cleave Your Canon

We're once again joined by Steve from Rare Gamer, this time to discuss his experiences at Microsoft's X15 show in Toronto. He dug in deep with several Rare employees, but did he get any dirt? Then a special call from Rare's Chris Allcock concerning the canon of Rare Replay's opening musical number. Hi, Chris!

DKU Comix: 8-23-15

The body count has risen...and the police smell a skunk. Read this week's installment of "Honker's Even Worse Week" in DKU Comix here.

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DK Vine at E3 2015 - New: Hall of Fame (Part Six)
 M-Dog1000000 08/15/2015, 05:35:41 PMPost #403
  I voted him, Banjo too... And DK. Was hoping this would be the year we'd get all three big guns.But Parry didn't get in either, huh. I guess there's always next year....
 Sean 08/15/2015, 06:00:21 PMPost #404
  I coulda swore I saw Conker in the No Hoper montage in the first video. Maybe the psychedelic visuals played tricks on me.I voted for one of the winners, so I'm happy! Thanks for all the...
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DK Vine @ E3 2015!
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