DKU Comix: 10-19-2014

The Saga of the Sand Eels continues!  The sand must flow...

The Kongversation: Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS First Impressions

Chad 'n' me give our first thoughts on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.  After all the controversy and drama leading up to the release, what do we actually think of the game itself?

Donkey Kong Country returns…to Virtual Console

Yes, despite all recent evidence to the contrary, today it was confirmed that Nintendo don't want to wash their hands of Donkey Kong Country after all. They really don't utterly despise us! Nintendo's UK marketing team have announced that during the upcoming Donkey Kong Country Weeks, the original trilogy will be brought to the Wii U Virtual Console.

DKU Comix: 10-12-2014

Spuzzwick kicks off the very first DKU Comix story arc this week.  Will Donkey Kong live long enough to get to the big 20th anniversary next month?

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Welcome to E3 2014 Discussion
 Slush 06/07/2014, 12:36:55 AMPost #22
  QUOTE(Pine @ Jun 6 2014, 05:46 PM) 327176Generally, the last E3 before a new system launches, when it's library is unveiled, is usually when E3 is at it's best, with the exception of 2012. There's no...
 Pine 06/07/2014, 01:42:36 AMPost #23
  Let's see: 2001 had the Great Rare Extravaganza, 2004 had Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA and DK King of Swing, Jungle Beat and Donkey Konga (which I liked), as well as Conker: Live and Reloaded, 2006...
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