The Kongversation: Yooka-Laylee News Orgy (part 1)

Playtonic has revealed much in the way of Yooka-Laylee's plot, characters, and game mechanics in the last week, via their own website and Edge Magazine.  On the newest episode of the Kongversation, we begin to dive into everything we've learned, including the DKU status of the game!

Playtonic Raises The Curtain On Yooka-Laylee!

We've waited and waited and finally some substantial backstory info regarding the big villain and other neat info (including some potentially HUGE news in a small, gold, gilled package) is here, straight from Playtonic! Read our fascinating article about it!

The Kongversation – Character Witness: Funky Kong

Happy (season) 4 (episode) 20, dudes!  To celebrate, here's the life and high times of Funky Kong!

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