DKU Comix: 04-26-15

Run for your life! In this week's "DKU Comix!" an unlikely character is packing heat thanks to a dangerous new creation tool!

The Kongversation – Interview: Brian Perry of Team Dakota

With the return of Conker, we whack a frying pan over the head of Team Dakota's Brian Perry to get the inside story on how the beloved squirrel came to Project Spark... and what may be coming next.

The Jinxs: The Lies and Deceit of Cranky Kong

Have you ever wondered how Wrinkly Kong became the ghost she is today? How did she really die and why has this always been unanswered? For my first DK Vine featured article, I decided to try to find the answers to these questions and more. You can read all about it in my chilling and thrilling exposé, "The Jinxs: the Lies and Deceit of Cranky Kong"! Be warned, though. The truth isn't always pretty.

DKU Comix: 04-19-15

There's been an awakening.  Have you felt it?

Featured DK Vine Forum Thread
The Kongversation - Latest episode -Interview: Brian Perry of Team Dakota
 cosmic 04/26/2015, 03:58:46 AMPost #2434
  Great episode! Will we get impressions of Big Reunion next week/...
 Twilight_Vestige 04/26/2015, 06:10:33 PMPost #2435
  Would like to reiterate that the Team Dakota guys are absolutely precious....
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The Kongversation - Interview: Chris Sutherland
Chad and Hyle interview Chris Sutherland of Rare and Playtonic fame!
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 Spoilerific Conker's Big Reunion Episode 1 Discussion   04/27/15, 09:37 PM  41  Bahmo (DK Spartacus)
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