DKU Comix: 2-07-16

This week's issue of "DKU Comix!" is a reminder of that old theater saying, "If there's a vengeful group of sentient acorns in the first act they will come back in the third." Read it here!

The Kongversation: Minecraft First Impressions

So you know how you can run around as Banjo, Tooty, Conker and others in Minecraft?  Because of that first taste, Chad's now become a full-blown addict of the game.  A Minecrack-head, if you will.  Can he convince me to be the same?

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The Kongversation: #IDARB First Impressions

#IDARB is a newish Xbox One indie game, and, as of a couple of weeks ago, the newest Donkey Kong Universe game!  What is #IDARB?  How is it DKU?  Pfft, you'll have to listen to a podcast to get the answers to that.  There's literally no other way to find out.

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 I.M.Gibbon 02/03/2016, 10:02:40 PMPost #130
  Yes!But I'd still like it on the record that the Patreon interface is horrendous....
 Chad 02/03/2016, 10:15:59 PMPost #131
  I'll second that notion. And third it, and fourth it...By the way, tangentially related to Patreon, I'm gauging interest on a Minecraft server for the DKV community! Check out this thread and let me...
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