Sakurai is a Very, Very K. Rool Man

King K. Rool finally appears in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS! ...As a Mii Fighter costume.

The Kongversation – Mr. Iwata’s Final Bow

Listener calls dominate the first half of this week's Kongversation, and then we pivot awkwardly into a discussion about Mr. Iwata and his legacy.

DKU Comix: 7-19-15

In this week's DKU Comix, we look to the sky and remember an icon. Read it here.

The Kongversation – MFWolfe’s Comic-Caze Mission

Kongversation caller and DK Vine Forum member MFWolfe, aka Mitchell Wolfe, was at Comic-Con this year to experience Rare and Nintendo's offerings first-hand.  He joins us for a full report.

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DK Vine at E3 2015 - New: Which Brothers Bear is Best? (Robin Beanland)
 DK-BK 362 07/29/2015, 01:49:09 AMPost #378
  See ladies and gentlemen, it's such an obscure reference that not even the person who said the thing I'm referencing knew what I was rambling on about, at first....
 Chad 07/29/2015, 03:19:30 AMPost #379
  Yeah, the final two hall of fame videos are happening. Hopefully soon. Life got in the way. We're churning out video content more rapidly than ever before, please understand.QUOTE(TheMasterDS @ Jul 28 2015,...
11:26 AM
11:10 AM
4:14 AM
1:34 AM
DK Vine @ E3 2015!
#Rarenaissance! #IBelieveInKevinCallahan! #IStandWithPhil!   Watch this space for all E3 2015 site updates!
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