The War on Father Cob Cock (Dispatches from the Front Line)

Our 2017 Cob Cock Day Feature is a blistering piece of investigative journalism the likes not seen since Watergate. My Pulitzer will look great next to my autographed Mr. Pants doodle!

The Kongversation – The Merger and Orange Backer: Mametchi

As our site continues to recover from its drug addiction, let's try to catch up on news posts! This week's Kongversation episode is now for the masses... and here's last week's episode if you missed it.

The Kongversation – Character Witness: K. Rool

Here's a lovely little slice of tasty Kongversation for you. Ooooh, lovely. And in common with all the best tasty treats, it's themed around K. Rool and I'm in it.


DK Vine's been down for the past few days due to an INFESTATION OF RATS. We're trying to get it all sorted out but you'll have to (Brothers) bear with us for a bit while we iron out the glitches. THANKS A LOT, RATS!

Anyway, soz to all concerned - it pains us to leave you like this.

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 The Saf 02/20/2017, 05:19:08 AMPost #170
  Do you feel the inner circle has pushed major posting figures to not have to take the effort to write out laborious posts, thereby reducing engagement on the forum that should drive future backers and also...
 Kara Kong 02/20/2017, 03:44:29 PMPost #171
  Most of us don't use it and its a chat program so I doubt it.Its like saying MSN caused the low posting of the late buyout era....
11:16 PM
4:54 PM
11:57 PM
8:53 AM
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