The Kongversation – E3 2015: Our Week With Rare

Here it is: The inside story of our week at E3, spent mostly meeting Rare employees past and present.  What did we learn?  What are we allowed to discuss?  Is the magic really back?

DKU Comix (E3 Edition!): 06-21-15

E3 is over but a bright future is on the horizon...and hey! It's the final installment in the "DKU Comix" E3 mini-story!  Check it out here!

The Kongversation: E3 2015 Nintendo

Chad's voice is slightly better, so let's talk about Nintendo!

Skylanders in Flight, Afternoon Delight

No, that's not an awesome piece of fanart you see on the right, that's Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong making an awesome cameo appearance in Skylanders: SuperChargers! No, that's not a new sandwich from KFC, it's...oh, just click the link to the full article.

Featured DK Vine Forum Thread
DK Vine at E3 2015 - New: Hall of Fame 2015 (Part Four)
 The Saf 07/01/2015, 09:30:31 AMPost #301
  That David Wise rumor from the latest Kongversation has finally been picked up by NeoGAF and gaming news sites. I was wondering when they wider internet would catch wind of it....
 Milo 07/01/2015, 12:08:17 PMPost #302
  Yep. So I guess gaming news sites just trawl Neogaf for news sources and run that?...
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DK Vine @ E3 2015!
#Rarenaissance! #IBelieveInKevinCallahan! #IStandWithPhil!   Watch this space for all E3 2015 site updates!
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