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The Rubber Chicken Gives Aural Pleasure

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In what is surely an act of historical significance rivaling that of the cancellation of the short-lived sitcom spinoff “Archie Bunker’s Place,” The Vine Audio Programme contributor Alastair Craig has finally – FINALLY – finished the season 2 finale of The Rubber Chicken Podcast! You can check it out at our conjoined sister site The Rubber Chicken, or, natch, subscribe in iTunes.

This one features the voices of myself, frequent The Vine contributors Aussie Ben and Alastair, and one-time cameoers Andrey and Fiona Summers. But at the time, it was Fiona Rivelle [sic]. So let’s not be too confused now. There’s also a few other voice people like Tim Morris, Gord Myrington, and James Orenthal Simpson. NOT to be missed!

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 Kara Kong 07/21/2016, 02:09:53 PMPost #738
  So far I'm only 4 episodes in. 3 was the best episode so far and I was actually really impressed in how Hyles descent into madness went.
Also Alastair's shtick is fucking hilarious. I don't know why but every new name he had for Hyle had me in stitches as did his last bit in episode 4. 
 Milo 07/24/2016, 02:03:10 AMPost #739
  Kara, if you like Alastair's schtick I cannot recommend the Rubber Chicken Podcast highly enough. It's like if the Vine wasn't tied to the DKU and was an insane sketch comedy. It's a collaboration between HappyBob himself, former site staffer Andrey, and other funny and talented people. I think even Chad has a cameo on an episode or two. 
 ILDC 07/26/2016, 10:50:44 PMPost #740
QUOTE(Slush @ Jul 17 2016, 03:25 PM)
It was also the first podcast we had ever done! Ground zero. It's hilarious how subdued we were.

A word of warning about the Vine. As it quickly becomes apparent, we're essentially playing personas the whole series (it gradually reveals itself to be an insane sci-fi serialized storyline). We're playing racist, sexist, awful versions of ourselves, so don't be taken aback TOO much as it continues. It's the Colbert Report to the Kongversation's Late Show.

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