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Rumo(u)r: Rare on 3DS?

As E3 rolls around, so do the rumors. If getting a sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns isn’t exciting enough for you, then maybe these next rumors might be. Of course, assuming there’s even any basis in it, but anyway!

According to a site called Gameolosphy, (notice how it’s the smaller sites reporting rumors?) Rare might be in the process of developing 3DS games. Here’s the paragraph in question:

“Rare (or Rareware if you prefer) and Nintendo have had discussions about 3DS development. Nintendo and Rare still have a good relationship with each other, especially since Diddy Kong Racing DS did so well. Just like with the GBA and the original DS, Microsoft doesn’t seem to have a problem with Rare developing a 3DS game since none of Nintendo’s handhelds are in direct competition with any Microsoft products. Nintendo brought up the idea of a 3DS enchanced port of Star Fox Adventures, but nothing is in development. Basically a port with extra enhancements, similar to Rare’s Diddy Kong Racing DS for the Nintendo DS. Don’t be surprised if Rareware gets 3DS development kits by the end of this year. Banjo-Kazooie on 3DS is not out of the question either. Microsoft thinks that if some of Rare’s games do well on Nintendo’s handhelds, then it may lead to Nintendo gamers buying Microsoft systems to play Rare’s games.”

And that would be all she wrote. Except that, judging from interviews and key events like the DS team dissolving after the release of Viva Piñata Pocket Paradise to work on Xbox Live Arcade titles (such as the unreleased Jet Force Gemini XBLA), this doesn’t seem so likely. Microsoft and Rare heads have mentioned in previous months how it’s all about Kinect and how older IPs might come back, but it’s just not their focus. Also, one really wonders exactly how well Nintendo and Rare’s relationship is, especially since Nintendo did quite the cockblock for XBLA and Virtual Console gamers in the form of Goldeneye XBLA.

Would Rare on 3DS, with a game like Banjo-Kazooie or Star Fox Adventures, be great? Sure, if you can handle Grant Kirkhope or David Wise not reprising their roles as musicians for spinoffs and/or sequels to whatever Rare/Microsoft/Nintendo might (key word) have plans for.

Like all rumors, I’d recommend to take them with a grain of salt. With something this unlikely given recent statements and Rare and Microsoft’s direction so far? You might want to take this rumor with something significantly smaller than a grain of salt.

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Professor Layton and the Unwound Future Discussion
 Obsolete Critic 10/11/2010, 02:17:18 AMPost #6
  Played the beginning of the next Layton game (thanks to my brother who just can't stop buying these games). For the most part it has addressed many of the nuances of the previous games, improving the presentation wholeheartedly. Nearly all of the puzzles are based on what you are actually doing, there are more cinematics/voice acting/better story in general this time, and the game provides better tutorials and a greatly improved GUI.

Based on my initial impression, I really like the new Layton, even if it is a rehash of the previous two games, probably just because of the reasons listed above.

There is one problem; many of the puzzles you will encounter in Unwound Future will be poorly worded (probably purposefully) to make the puzzle well...A puzzle. Sometimes this works, sometimes it makes you think harder than you should. In one of the puzzles you are asked to tell the time on an analogue clock, pointing at 8:10, it seems easy. However, what the game DOESN'T tell you (or provide a sufficient visual cue for, is the fact the clock was tilted at a slant.

The problem is, there are a lot of puzzles like this one. It is okay feeling stumped if you don't see the connection between the information and the puzzle. What REALLY throws me off, is that the game automatically assumes, you the player know some sort of information that isn't implied or listed.

One of the better puzzles is one where you have to solve an equation, given four tiles. You have to take four out of nine tiles and match them up to get the same result on both ends. I don't have the quote exactly. But in this puzzle, the first piece of given information implied the fact of the equation. I did lose at this puzzle nearly the same amount of times that I got the analogue clock one wrong (about 8). The key core difference, is that they properly lay out the instructions, keeping it confusing enough not to figure out immediately, but to keep it confusing enough to get stumped.

I played for about two and a half hours, and solved about 20 puzzles. I got stumped on about eight (after the tutorials mind you), about five of which were poorly worded. After thinking properly about the wording, I got it right. I can understand why poorly worded puzzles ARE in the game, but in such an abundance that I have personally found them, it is absolutely unacceptable. It may very well be simply because I am less than three hours into the experience.

So yeah, hopefully later on in the game, there won't be as many of these 'poorly worded' puzzles. Otherwise, I enjoy the new Layton. It is just as I expected it to be: a rehash, nothing more. However, when you are the best edutainment game around (which makes hundreds of millions of dollars), it doesn't pay to change the already-working formula.

 Katzii_Yataki 10/20/2010, 04:22:37 PMPost #7
  I did notice what you meant in the sense of "poorly worded puzzles", although thankfully this (to me) wasn't a frequent occurrence. I've gone through and solved all of the puzzles now, and it was, as always, a very enjoyable experience.

I've got to say though that this was easily my favourite of the series (thanks to Mark for getting me the US version - I will be getting the UK one on Friday!), and I really cannot wait to see what they do with the new trilogy. Especially having seen the new trailer for Mask of Miracle. The series is looking to continue to thrive! 
 Obsolete Critic 10/21/2010, 01:20:22 AMPost #8
  Agreed, this is the best one of the series so far (based on what I have played)>