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Yooka-Laylee Is Here

Today marks the release of Playtonic Games’ inaugural effort in Yooka-Laylee! The spiritual successor to the Banjo-Kazooie franchise (with some Donkey Kong and Conker influences thrown in the pot for a more robust stewage), it’s been a large focus of DK Vine for the past two years (ever since we had Chris Sutherland on the Kongversation way back when). Now that the game is out (and confirmed as part of the Donkey Kong Universe through our own diseased mindsets) we’re going to start doing our job and giving it the proper treatment. Extensive character and screenshot galleries! Biographies! Videos and podcasts! Essentially, Yooka is going to be our life for the next couple of months.

This is the kind of high class eroticism you’ll ONLY find from DK Vine’s Yooka coverage! Stay tuned, and, while you’re tuning, be sure to check out the Yooka-Laylee discussions on the DK Vine Forum!

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Yooka-Laylee Gameplay Discussion
   Spoilers allowed!
 Angry Ancestor 04/26/2017, 02:58:55 AMPost #126
  I'm missing one Pagie in Hivory Towers. I need to beat Rextro's Flappy Bird high score. And my Cashino is glitched so I can't 100% that level. Besides that, and the pirate treasure skills in the last 3 tomes, I've gotten everything as well. I'm already started a new file so I can avoid the Cashino glitch and get an actual 100% file.

How is everyone doing with the pirate skulls? 
 I.M.Gibbon 04/26/2017, 03:08:29 AMPost #127
  I admit to looking up the last two skulls. I'm really interested in what they're for, beyond achievements. Would be cool if the DLC were a Bat-Ship Crazy tome that required the pirate treasures to open, or something. 
 Scraps69 04/27/2017, 03:53:59 AMPost #128
  Oh fuck there's a Capital Cashino Glitch? I wonder if I've been affected.... so basically from my understanding when you