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E3 2017 – Nintendo Tidbits

Nintendo’s E3 conference was a rollercoaster of emotions for everybody, but what does it mean for the future of the DKU? Read on and find out what we reckon!

Early on in the presentation, a logo for Metroid Prime 4 flashed up onscreen. Fear not, as Retro Studios are NOT the developers of this game. Our long-awaited Donkey Kong Country: Baja Blast is NOT in any jeopardy. At least, not because of Metroid anyway.

No announcements were made for a new Donkey Kong Country game or port of Tropical Freeze, and as far as we know, nobody was seen staring at a bunch of bananas this year. Bit of a bummer, but have patience. It could be worse; think of the poor F-Zero fans and how long they’ve been waiting for a new game!

Now then. Super Mario Odyssey was the jewel in Nintendo’s crown this year, as expected. But what we didn’t anticipate was the return of Pauline, or her role as the mayor of New Donk City, or her MAGNIFICENT set of pipes!

As we know, New Donk City is chock-full of Donkey Kong Country references, and it’s very likely that this place is Nintendo’s interpretation of the setting of the Donkey Kong arcade titles; the location known to us as Big Ape City. While no Kongs have appeared so far and it has yet to be seen if this game will be DKU, it is bound to contain plenty of backstory relating to Mario, Pauline, Cranky and Donkey Kong. It will almost certainly be a very important game to us, yet we might not even cover it. How mad is that?

We at DK Vine hope you had a great E3. Roll on November!

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E3 2017 @ Nintendo's
   DKU Press Event
 Banahnah 06/14/2017, 10:08:18 PMPost #269
  A new 3DS game is about to be announced via Treehouse live, and in 20 minutes, there's an ARMS tourney.


Sushi Striker somethin-or-other. It's a puzzle restaurant action thing, from the makers of NES remix. 
 Man-Frog 06/14/2017, 10:24:41 PMPost #270
  I actually want Sushi Striker. It looks like a nifty Puzzle & Dragons clone with a zazzy style. 
 Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus 06/15/2017, 07:08:42 PMPost #271
QUOTE(Banahnah @ Jun 13 2017, 03:41 PM)

The Bowser's Minions game features characters from 'the other RPGs'. So far, the only 'new' character seen is Larry Koopa.

I love that even decades later and with modern designs, people still confuse Larry and Iggy.