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SNES Classic Edition Revealed

Nintendo have revealed their second adorable miniaturised console, and of course Donkey Kong Country, one of the most successful and revolutionary games for the Super Nintendo, will be included. The console is set for release on the 29th of September.

The full list of games set to be playable on the fun-size SNES is made up of 21 titles. Shockingly, this includes the never before released Star Fox 2! It appears to be the same for all regions, meaning my fellow Europeans will be able to play EarthBound and Super Mario RPG on it this time. Hooray!

Unfortunately there is no sign of Donkey Kong Country 2 or 3 on here. This is disappointing, given the widely-held opinion that DKC2 is better than its predecessor and indeed better than sex. But clearly Kirby’s Dream Course really deserved to be chosen over DKC2, right?

Source: Nintendo of America
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SNES Classic Edition
 Scraps69 09/29/2017, 09:34:42 PMPost #43
  Pretty fantastic! Kongrats! 
 Flint 09/29/2017, 10:20:44 PMPost #44
  CONGRATULATION! indeed DKVine is one of the few Nintendo fansites still going around since the early Internets! I think of all the fansites I used to visit only DKVine, Starmen.net and The Mushroom kingdom are still around (I'm always amazed that no Zelda site lasted, the same for the Pok√©mon sites Serebii.net and Bulbapedia are kinda new compared to those three I mentioned) 
 FamiKong 09/30/2017, 10:24:29 AMPost #45
  Just wanted to log in to say that I managed to grab one of these bad boys today (the SNES Classic).

It's been probably over 15 years now since I last held a genuine SNES controller. Shit feels good. It's also great to own SMW2 again and have Star Fox 2's official release (as a huge fan of that series).

Alright, back to the nether world where I avoid this place. Congrats on the spread in the new Prima book, DK Vine.