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SNES Classic Edition Revealed

Nintendo have revealed their second adorable miniaturised console, and of course Donkey Kong Country, one of the most successful and revolutionary games for the Super Nintendo, will be included. The console is set for release on the 29th of September.

The full list of games set to be playable on the fun-size SNES is made up of 21 titles. Shockingly, this includes the never before released Star Fox 2! It appears to be the same for all regions, meaning my fellow Europeans will be able to play EarthBound and Super Mario RPG on it this time. Hooray!

Unfortunately there is no sign of Donkey Kong Country 2 or 3 on here. This is disappointing, given the widely-held opinion that DKC2 is better than its predecessor and indeed better than sex. But clearly Kirby’s Dream Course really deserved to be chosen over DKC2, right?

Source: Nintendo of America
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SNES Classic Edition
 M-Dog1000000 06/28/2017, 06:50:52 AMPost #38
  Yeah but, the new Venom gave us the best Star Wolf battle in the entire series. 
 Alph 06/28/2017, 07:19:47 AMPost #39
QUOTE(Sabertooth1000000000 @ Jun 27 2017, 11:45 PM)

For a better example of a retelling taking place in the same continuity, there's every Mario game where the plot is just save the princess. So SMB, SMB3, NSMB and its sequels

SMB3's story doesn't involve Princess Peach getting kidnapped until the very end of the game, the rest is about aquiring magic wands from the koopalings and breaking spells that have been placed on the various kings throughout the mushroom world. I wouldn't consider that a retelling of SMB.

 Sabertooth1000000000 06/28/2017, 10:50:54 PMPost #40
  Sorry I meant to say Super Mario Maker