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Huge Patch For Console Versions of Yooka-Laylee!

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers rejoice! The long-awaited patch for the console releases of Yooka-Laylee has just been released!

The content of the patch is largely the same as the Green and Purple patch recently released for the PC version, though there are also a lot of fixes for bugs and performance issues specific to the console editions.

We also have an update regarding the Nintendo Switch port. The team at Playtonic have assured us that they’re aware of our thirst for news and are working hard to bring us the release date as soon as this version is 100% ready. So calm your tits already!

Source: Playtonic Games
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Green and Purple Patch (Yooka-Laylee Update)
 BayanTheBear 07/18/2017, 03:49:02 AMPost #9
  Playtonic said a little bit ago that the console update was hopefully going to come out in these next few weeks. 
 Snorkel the dolphin 07/29/2017, 08:20:58 PMPost #10
  Anyone play around with this new patch yet? I think I'm going to wait for the Switch version to play through it all, but has the patch improved much? 
 Alph 07/30/2017, 12:44:45 AMPost #11
  It looks like the console version of the update is still not out yet, so most people haven't gotten to try it.

Personally I've been holding off on playing any more of the game until after the update comes out, so hopefully it's soon.