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You Have Until December 1st To Escape Your Sinking Ship Of A Life And Sign Up For The Sea Of Thieves Technical Alpha

Unless you’re like that damned fool Jerry Seinfeld and don’t want to be a pirate, Rare’s Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha has been a dream come true. For those of us weaned on Gregg Mayles’ supple design teat as children, pirates and seafaring nonsense have been part of our diet since K. Rool’s flagship first sailed up to Donkey Kong Island in 1994. Donkey Kong Land, Donkey Kong Country 2, Donkey Kong Land 2, Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo-Tooie, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Yooka-Laylee… there’s been no disguising Rare and Playtonic’s love of swashbuckling. That’s why Sea of Thieves was as big of a deal as it was to those of us who beg for money to pay attention to this stuff. Finally, an entire game about Rare-branded pirates where “You” (or at least a scurvy-blighted ancestor of “You”) get to be one yourself. Sign me up! And they did. As well as thousands of other gamers to take part in the Technical Alpha.

Now almost a year old, the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha has allowed anyone with an Xbox One or Windows 10 to participate in a still-in-development game world. Watching it evolve over the last year has been an amazing treat, but even better was getting to experience it with friends the world over. As I’ve mentioned on the Kongversation at the top of almost every show these last few months, playing Sea of Thieves with DK Viners has been one of the great joys of my gaming life.

So, if you still haven’t gotten around to it, you have until December 1st to sign up for the Technical Alpha. Anyone who registers before that cut-off date WILL get a chance to play before the Alpha evolves into something “else” in the lead-up to Sea of Thieves’ official commercial release next year. Tell them DK Vine sent you!

Source: Sea Of Thieves Official Website
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 Angry Ancestor 11/16/2017, 08:14:45 PMPost #232
  Interesting, if this is in the final build then Sea of Thieves would technically be its own branch completely. I hope this is the case, since I feel like SoT is too significant to get crammed into Fish 'n' Chaps. 
 Zedxclon 11/22/2017, 04:07:20 PMPost #233
  Now that we've seen TT in the pre-release version of the game, if he's not in the final thing but there is a time trial mode of some sort that involves a stop clock, even if inanimate, we can just say it's TT like we did with Tricky wink.gif 
 Clutch 11/22/2017, 05:57:17 PMPost #234
  Everyone who signs up for the Insider Programme before December 1 will be invited to play in the next session.