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Yooka-Laylee Given Release Date On Nintendo Switch!

Today, Playtonic Games have finally given their Nintendo Switch port of Yooka-Laylee a release date!

You’ll be able to download the much-loved throwback to 90s platforming both at home and on the go from Thursday the 14th of December, 2017!

This port of the game also boasts single Joy Con play across all eight multiplayer games, and a custom achievement system (whatever that means). It will also contain all the updates contained in the Green and Purple Patch at launch.

As of yet, no release date has been announced for the physical edition.

Source: Playtonic Games
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My patience is running thin. Where's the Switch version?
 Bellboy64 12/11/2017, 11:49:06 PMPost #71
QUOTE(Rawk @ Dec 11 2017, 07:36 PM)

That said, congrats guys for finally releasing the game on a system played by the people that y'all had a mission of rebuilding a relationship with. And what do you know, based on twitter pics it seems the code dispersal process is actually going pretty...perfectly? It may be a late game, but we're getting our codes early! Makes you wonder if there's already an upswing. unsure.gif

I just got my Switch code. I'm pretty patient about these things so I wasn't nearly as angry as others were at the length of time it took.

But I feel right now it's been worth the wait. I'm having a MUCH better time this time around. Be it from the updates, a fresh perspective etc I've been enjoying my time so far. I haven't been bugged by anything yet so I think the time in the oven has been worth it.
I came away from the PS4 version with a sour note but I feel happy to play it again. It feels at home so... *shrug* 
 Twilight_Vestige 12/14/2017, 09:28:36 PMPost #72
  I’m liking the game so far. I was having some issues with the camera, but if you change it to manual it’s easier to handle I feel. Yooka is a little slidey, but you just have to be careful. 
 Angry Ancestor 12/14/2017, 10:08:14 PMPost #73
  Hooray for Playtonic on the launch!! Such a weight off their shoulders I'm sure!

I'm so excited for all you to finally play Yooka-Laylee, if you haven't yet. I love this game and I think you'll find something to love in it too, despite its numerous flaws.

I think further discussion about the game itself should be brought here, for historical purposes.