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Behind the Scenes of Diddy Kong Racing

During Spring Break, I was fortunate enough to get an issue of GamesTM that had, as you can guess from the title, an article on Diddy Kong Racing. Though it took some time since then to upload, you can see the scans and download the file here:

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

And last but not least, the file.

If you ever wanted to know what DKR was before it was Pro Am 64 and a game starring a woolly mammoth according to Scribes, whether or not it had any references to old Ultimate games, and whether or not the DKR team faced the same issue the SFA team did when a popular mascot was introduced in the franchise, well…this article’s for you.

A special thanks goes out to Katzii_Yataki for providing me the magazine to share with you lovely folks.

Source: GamesTM
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Behind the Scenes of DKR.
 Slush 06/19/2010, 05:08:09 AMPost #13
  Oh, absolutely. It has to be canon, because it also told us that Sam's semen is packed with sperm. You want that in continuity? Everyone does! But then Frasier and Lilith also have to reunite down the line.

A Frasier racing game in the vein of DKR would be hilarious. I can already see Martin's chair-shaped kart. Of course, most of the Cheers gang would have to be unlockable. Oh, and the character taunts!

"You call that a power slide? That was weaker than your performance in our prep-school production of The Mikado!"

"Oh, you're still jealous that my Nanki-Poo overshadowed your Pish-Tush!"

 Jim 06/19/2010, 12:15:53 PMPost #14
QUOTE(Slush @ Jun 17 2010, 10:00 PM)
It's also hilarious that it seems like Miyamoto is responsible for the expanded Donkey Kong Universe itself. Man, we never gave Miyamoto any credit.

The man is responsible not only for Donkey Kong but also for the Donkey Kong Universe as we know it. Show respect to the manchild!

He's a bollock brain now mind. 
 Graf Saecula 06/20/2010, 03:52:47 PMPost #15
  I find it amusing how Miyamoto's involvement in the DKU is one of those very, very, very rare cases where that man gets far less credit than he deserves.