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5:30 PM
The Kongversation – Spotlight: Mario Kart 64

If you're nostalgic for neon, synth, and sprites all up in your polygons, the Kongversation's Mario Kart 64 20th anniversary Spotlight is here!. Turn your commute into Toad's Turnpike! Note: DK Vine is not to be held liable if you run over any stout Italian men during your commute.
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11:16 PM
The War on Father Cob Cock (Dispatches from the Front Line)

Our 2017 Cob Cock Day Feature is a blistering piece of investigative journalism the likes not seen since Watergate. My Pulitzer will look great next to my autographed Mr. Pants doodle!
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4:54 PM
The Kongversation – The Merger and Orange Backer: Mametchi

As our site continues to recover from its drug addiction, let's try to catch up on news posts! This week's Kongversation episode is now for the masses... and here's last week's episode if you missed it.
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11:57 PM
The Kongversation – Character Witness: K. Rool

Here's a lovely little slice of tasty Kongversation for you. Ooooh, lovely. And in common with all the best tasty treats, it's themed around K. Rool and I'm in it.
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