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1:16 AM
New Donk City

The Nintendo Switch shows off its first games with Super Mario Odyssey leading the way for holiday 2017... alongside a realistic human-populated Donkey Kong-themed city world.  None of those words make sense next to each other.
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10:36 PM
The Kongversation: New Year’s Forecast 2017

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5:30 PM
The Kongversation 451: Star Wars and the DKU

We wanted to talk about Star Wars and particularly Rogue One, so that's what we did.  It's not an Oops, All Tangents! episode though.  Nope.  It's totally relevant to the Donkey Kong Universe.
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11:57 PM
The Kongversation – Spotlight: Donkey Kong Country 3 (part 4)

What's that?  You want a three hour podcast specifically discussing the final four worlds of Donkey Kong Country 3?  THEN IT'S A HOLIDAY MIRACLE.  Thank you, Spontaneously Exploding Santa!
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