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9:00 PM
The Kongversation – Character Witness: Mumbo Jumbo

In what way is Mumbo Jumbo a current topic of discussion? Only in that we're as incompetent as he is! Learn to deal.
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7:54 PM
The Kongversation Mini: Super Mario Odyssey Continuity and the DKU

How we're reconciling New Donk City with Big Ape City and Rare's Donkey Kong canon. We also begin the FIERCE debate about whether Super Mario Odyssey is DKU!
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10:30 PM
The Kongversation – Playing With Super Power: A Literary Analysis

Look at us! The toasts of the literary world! Yes, the Kongversation finally discusses "Playing With Super Power" from Nintendo and Prima Games. Expect a Super Mario Odyssey-centric Kongversation Mini in a few days!
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3:35 PM
The Kongversation – Spotlight: Donkey Kong Land III

The Spotlight for Donkey Kong Land III is finally here, and it also marks the Kongversation debut of David Lynch! Too bad there's still Joe Mudd balloons in this episode.
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