DK Vine: What is the Donkey Kong Universe?



Confused about what the Donkey Kong Universe really is, how it works, and other eccentricities? Look no further than... er, well, here.

The Donkey Kong Universe—or DKU—as a concept, refers to the shared universe of Rareware's talking animal games. It begins with the Donkey Kong Country series, then branches out to include any games spun off from it and any games in which its characters cameo. It's our vaguely logical system of rules that determine the games covered by this site.

[It is NOT, however, a description of the physical universe in which these games take place. For more on this important distinction, see, Let's Get Physical.]

So how does it start? Well, like this!

ROOL 1: The DKC Core Diagram!!!
ROOL 1: The DKC Core

The DKU begins with Donkey Kong Country, and specifically follows Rare's revised version of Donkey Kong featured therein. It continues forward in time from this game's release, and follows the characters from DKC and its sequels.

[Notably, this excludes the Donkey Kong arcade games and (if you're particularly astute) the Sabre Wulf series; see, Sweet Dreams Arcade Of This for an explanation of this.]

ROOL 2: The Spin-offs Diagram!!!
ROOL 2: The Spin-offs

Any character introduced in a "core" DKU game is a DKU character, and will be followed wherever they go. When a character then appears in a new game with a largely original cast, that game is a spinoff and is also fully DKU. All of those characters can then make further spinoffs, etc, etc.

[For elaboration and further examples, including some of the big "almost DKU but not!" games, see, You Spin Me Right Off, Baby.]

ROOL 3: Cameo Games Diagram!!!
ROOL 3: Cameo Games

When a DKU character appears in a pre-existing series, this is a cameo game. These games are DKU, but only these, and not the entirety of that series. Characters introduced in these games are not considered DKU characters (with apologies to all the Fun Gus fans out there). This is commonly called "The Waluigi Rule".

[For more clarification, and some specific cases, see, Cama-Cama-Cama-Cama-Cama-Cameo Games. For an explanation of the complex "Star Fox connection", see Foxing a Hole.]

ROOL 4: Physical Appearences Diagram!!!
ROOL 4: Physical Appearences

In all of the above cases, a game can only become DKU by a concrete physical appearance of a DKU character, as defined previously. References and allusions to characters and locations are not enough.

[For a few other special cases and other tomfoolery, see, ...Singalong Junk.]

...See? That wasn't so bad, was it? Now you know it's really quite simple, and will hopefully stop asking us about it. But if you really have to, feel free to pose any more questions and/or abuse to us on the forums (though to be honest, we'll probably just link you back here).


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