DK Vine: What is the Donkey Kong Universe?


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Hey, guess what? Star Fox games are DKU. If you're reading this, that makes absolutely no sense to you. "Star Fox has nothing to do with Donkey Kong! These DK Vine guys are hacks, and fools! I am filled with rage at the very notion they are proposing, and I intend to post a heated complaint online immediately," you're saying to yourself through Cheeto stained teeth in an empty room in your mother's basement. And to you I say, well, chill out dude they're cartoon primates.

And THEN I say, Star Fox's DKU status is perfectly legitimate, and if you want to understand just put down your Krystal hentai and keep reading. Also, ask mom to cook up some pizza rolls because this might take a while.

To understand the Star Fox connection to the DKU, there's two things to consider: Why is Star Fox Adventures DKU?, and Why is it a spin-off and not a cameo game?


Tricky, henceforth, in a perpetual state of embarassment.

Star Fox's DKU status traces back to Star Fox Adventures, Rare's last game before quitting to go play at Bill Gates' house. In this game, there's a character named Tricky the Triceratops. You might also remember a character named Tricky the Triceratops in Diddy Kong Racing. Surprise, surprise, they're the same character! How did we arrive at that conclusion? Aside from it being really fucking simple that two characters from the same company with the same name are the same guy, there's another piece of solid evidence on our side here. Before SFA was SFA, it was Dinosaur Planet. And before Dinosaur Planet, it was actually at one point a direct sequel to Diddy Kong Racing. So a character in a game that was originally DKR2 has the same name as a character in DKR... my friend common sense says they're probably like, the same dude or something.

So our DKU connection is established. Star Fox Adventures is DKU because Tricky the Triceratops from Diddy Kong Racing is in it. But the controversy doesn't stop there. After Star Fox Adventures came Star Fox Assault, which also featured our three-horned pal. The next game, Star Fox Command, is sadly Tricky-less. However, Krystal, the vixen from SFA (better remembered from that folder on your desktop) did appear, and because she was introduced in a DKU game she can make the game DKU. See, it makes sense after all!


Tough luck, kid.

...Oh wait, that doesn't make sense at all. As described in ROOL #3, Star Fox Adventures is a textbook cameo game, right? And with that whole Waluigi thing, a character introduced in a cameo game isn't a DKU character, right? Well, I mean... kinda. But no. The executive decision is that Star Fox Adventures is NOT a Cameo Game; is in fact a spin-off, theoretically on equal footing with Banjo and Conker. Does it make sense? Not really. Can we justify it anyway? You bet your greasy, unkempt hair we can.

To understand this decision, you need to understand the politics surrounding Star Fox Adventures. As I mentioned before, this was supposed to be Dinosaur Planet, a game that was covered for years before it was shamefully retooled. DP would've been a DKR spinoff in the classical sense, and was hyped as such. It is because of these original ties to the DKU, along with SFA's spiritual similarities to other Rare-developed DKU games, that it was classified as a direct DKU spin-off. Just as the DKU considers the Donkey Kong arcade era to be the backstory to a spiritually unique Donkey Kong Country, as far as the DKU is concerned, the previous Star Fox games do not preclude SFA from being a direct spin-off. We can take those liberties because it's our website. However, this is the exception, not the rule, and only due to the extraneous circumstances surrounding its origins and its spiritual closeness to the DKU could it have been classified in such a manner.


I've got a tattoo of the Dreamcast logo, too.

And really, there's no reason to complain. Just play Star Fox Adventures and you'll admit that it fits right in. The Star Fox series in general, more so than any other Nintendo franchise, makes sense as being part of Donkey Kong's series. It's a deep world made up of talking cartoon animals, its development has had a strong western/British influence over the years, and it has always had a focus on characterization and humor alongside the gameplay. In spirit, there are clear ties between Star Fox and Donkey Kong (not to say that this is enough to make a game DKU, but it's a reason not to bitch about it).

So that's it. Star Fox's classification in the DKU is murky, and unique circumstances have lead to controversial decisions. But what's more stupid: some guys on the internet claiming a cartoon ape inhabits the same world as a cartoon space fox, or the fact that that's controversial at all? That is to say, the fact that people have taken time out of their day not only to question the train of logic surrounding this absurd situation, but to rally and protest and speak out against this shit? I mean, I'm pretty sure at least one person has lost sleep over this. These are the same people that on one day will argue with a set of arbitrary rules made up by people on the internet on how to govern their own web site, and the next day will argue with them for bending their own rules. The bottom line is, there are logical justifications for our actions, but even if they're tenuous, this is such an incredibly silly thing that any reaction other than an apathetic shrug would be considered weird. Now, if you'll excuse me, this Krystal hentai isn't gonna google itself.

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