Top Ten DKU Holiday Thingos

Donkey Kong Country 2
The Lost World
Black Ice Battle

Nice use of Klampons, Our Friend. The only reason we voted for this place was because DKC2 is a game we played around with during the holidays four years ago, and this was one of the levels. It has ice, but it's not nearly as cheery as Slipslide Ride. In fact, this is almost anti-cheery. Just like those Old Navy holiday commercials. So that's why this got the vote.

Donkey Kong Land
Any Donkey Kong Land Snow Level

'Duh, Donkey thinks Slippas should be hibernating.' We couldn't decide which DKL snow level we wanted, so we just voted for them all. This reminds us of the holidays when you look in the distance and see those evergreens with snow on them. I wish it was possible to move to Donkey Kong Island so we could have summer, autumn, winter, and spring anytime we wanted to. They really lucked out to have all four seasons on one island at the same time, you know.

Frappe Snowland
Flower Cup
Mario Kart 64

Look!  Satan's Snowmen! Santa Claus. While the generally opinion is that he isn't real, can't you just believe he's real for one second you spirit recking schlubs? Good. Now imagine the North Pole. Imagine the darkness of the forever snow. That's what Frappe Snowland is like. The North Pole (we guess). Frappe Snowland may even BE the North Pole. And those snowmen may be Santa's elves. Or Satan's elves.

Donkey Kong Country 3
Tearaway Toboggan

Hello, little green buzzing thing! Ow! Ahhhh, the chaotic part of the holidays. Where you can zoom down a snow covered hillside until you hit a tree or car or a gust of REALLY strong wind and die. Then you're cousin by adoption will rescue you in a nearby DK barrel. Then she blows a bubble up your arse. Maybe it's good Christmas only comes once a year.....

Diddy Kong Racing
Snowflake Mountain
Frosty Village

Wait a second... I never noticed the size of that MOON! WHOA! This level warms your heart (or something). You know at Lowes where you can buy those expensive little people that break? And you can put the expensive people in even more expensive "village scenes?" That's what this level reminds us of. Expensive crappy decorations. And it makes us think of the holidays.

Donkey Kong Country
Gorilla Glacier
Snow Barrel Blast

The twelve scrolling layers of ACM-rendered snowflakes!  I'm blinded! Not only was this level the greatest SNES snow level EVER, it had great music and was incredibly fun! The main feature were the 22 blasting barrels which you had to navigate through. If you did it perfectly, the generous Rare folk provided you with three lives!

Freezeezy Peak

Twinkly Munchers RULE! This entire world was a three-dimensional snowy funhouse of Christmas cheer. Although it lacked dreidels and Kwanza stuff for the rest of the community, anyone could have fun here. Features include a MASSIVE snowman, the fast-paced sledrace, and of course, the depicted Christmas Tree.

Donkey Kong Country
Gorilla Glacier
Slipslide Ride

Donkey dives for cover as the Darkened Diddy Bomb goes off. Once again, it's an ice level. This one was more cheerful than Crystal Caves, but it's not as beautiful. Oh, well. The background music is great. It gives an atmospheric effect unlike any of the other levels in DKC. Just as its three-dimensional counterpart, the ice crystals shimmer. This level features colored ropes that make you slip when you grab thm, but they're the only means of transportation around. The slippery floors make Klaptraps a lethal problem. Great holiday-stricken level.

Donkey Kong 64
Crystal Caves

Our Friend had to be quick before the Kritter regenerated. So it's only ice. Well, ice is cold and blue and it reminds you of the holidays so BACK OFF! Anyway, this is the most amazing thing we;ve seen in a videogame to date. The three-dimensional crystals shimmer blue and an eerily pleasant music plays in the background. There are ice igloos and even avalances! If you are skeptical about buying Donkey Kong 64, do it for the Crystal Caves. The level alone is worth 60 bucks. And it's very holiday-ish.

Donkey Kong Country 3
Code Entry
"MERRY" Code

Remember on Home Alone when Kevin stuck ornaments under the windowsil?  Ahhh, yeah. When you think back across all the snow/Christmas levels in the DKU, you wouldn't immediately think of Donkey Kong Country 3. Sure, it had snow levels, but that's about it. But there was a little code entry you could access by pressing LRRLRRLRLR on the file select screen. Type in the code "MERRY", and every bonus level will be laced with Christmas music and instead of green bananas you collect presents. Instead of stars you collect Christmas Tree ornaments! This code is extremely innovative and it is a rather large even has its own MUSIC! And when you hear the tambourine start up when you reach a bonus level you just can't help but think of the holidays. Good one, Rare.