A Call For Acceptance

Wherefore heckle you, at the presence of those whom know you best? Is it not a sad practice to visit hostility upon the souls that share more with yours than those who hold impartiality? For would you encounter them, even, if that very longing exhibited by your very conscience were to exist merely in potentia? Can you honestly claim to have truthful conspiracy against one whom you met as a result of your similarity? A flower dares not claim tyranny to a flower for the color of its petals, so why must you beset your fellow buds of May with those lethal spores of rejection? Those deadly beads of almost passionate unaccpetance that radiate of all we stand against to their very core. If the enzyme of hatred does radiate from the nucleus of guilt, then direct it not on those with whom you share, but perhaps at the very catalyst to the guilt itself. Do not allow the day's worries to cloud the life's judgement. And do not seek to judge others' lives on their worries. In the end, will it matter to the greater score how many shots you took on your own goal? And the goal is your own. For you are among your own. And all that you do or say reciprocates among the many whom share your true views and may be harshly mislead by your shrewd misdirection. I do not warn you of the dangers others pose, for the greatest danger you will encounter in your life is you. Decisions you make control the velocity of your ascent. Make sure that, in the eyes of your fellow patrons on their flight through life, you do not begin a hasty descent. This is that which we are trying to prevent and lest you be careless, it is what could befall you. Watch the ground on which you stand and make sure it is firm. Do not seek to stand on the ground of others, until there is enough room. You do not want to be pushed from your pedistal until you have another and, in all truth, you probably do not wish to be pushed at all. Do unto others as you wish administered to yourself. Give, not because others are giving, but do what is moral. Ask yourself which is the greater reward- self-esteem or self-respect? For while the former gains you support in the eyes of insignificant bystanders, the latter wins you the love of the person whose love you need most. Yourself. Can you truly claim to ever have both if an act that gains you one loses you the other? Think of the personal costs of the act before you read your lines. Look before you leap. Look before you jump. Look before you hop. When one person decodes what you are trying to say, you have been heard. Choose what others hear wisely. It is these others that you have chosen to speak to and it was not because of the cleverness or the respectless manor in which you were to say it. You spake unto them for it is them whom you hope understand you and it is them whom you would least like to offend, for whence you choose to sever the link to those that you share an interest with, what is left but those who don't value you at all? Let your mind be your guide. Not your brain.

And henceforth, in summary, behave yourselves in the bloody forums.

A Theory on Human Understanding by Andrey.