What do you mean "this pun doesn't work on ANY LEVEL"??


Join us at DK Vine (it's BK Vine now, Grandad) as we smear our faces with honey, throw a rucksack over our shoulders and make ill-advised attempts to speak in rhyming couplets. Banjo-Kazooie's just turned 15—I know, right? JUST ONE MORE YEAR TO GO before it's legal—and we're sure as Hailfire gonna make a big ol' fuss about it!



If you scroll down a little you'll find an assortment of clickety-clicky links to the various Banjo-Kazooie content we'll be senselessly throwing at the internet like rotten eggs into the open mouth of an anthropomorphic swearing plant pot as part of the festivities. Don't be afraid (and I can TELL you're very afraid) to hop back here from time to time over the next four weeks; the four weeks we have officially (read: "not officially in any official capacity") dubbed BANJO-KAZOOIE MONTH.

You also might have noticed our delicious new B-K themed forum skin (with a new site layout soon to follow!), specially designed by the equally delicious Cameron "Clutch" Reigle, international doctor of honeycombs. Dotchyer jus' wanna give it a good ol' LICK? The layout, I mean, not (necessarily) Cameron. In any case, hop over to the DK Vine Forum and give it a spin, I ORDER YOU!



Also, while you're here, why not take a gander (or a breegull, if you like) at B-K composer Grant Kirkhope's Bandcamp page on which the entire B-K soundtrack is available on a make-up-your-own-price basis. Throw the voice of Mumbo Jumbo a penny or two, why don't ya! (Apparently Mumbo tokens aren't freely exchangable on the stock exchange.)

Anyway, here's the stuff-o, Guffo!