Brave New World

It hasn't been that long since E3 2001, where we had a plethora of DKU titles coming at us from Rare for Gamecube and Game Boy Advance. So much has changed.

The future of the DKU has been changed drastically. The ones who started it all have left, and it is both partially in the hands of unknown others and Rare's previous "owner".

The question is, what's next?

First off, I think I should comment on the thing on everybody's minds at the moment: Rare's surprising departure. Something that two years ago we would have died laughing at has come true.(And in the game year, Squaresoft has become friends with Nintendo again. Go fig.)The people who took an old videogame character and started the wonderful game universe we all know and love have packed their bags and are headed to Microsoft, and Nintendo's most famous second-party company has left their side just like that, leaving the DKU in peril.

Or has it?

Now, I'm hardly pleased with the situation, but it wouldn't be great to complain about it. Now that Conker, Banjo and Kazooie are slaving for Microsoft, the DKU could be in two companies at once. This is a very interesting position, and people's opinions are definitely divided on it. Myself: I'm definitely not thrilled with getting an Xbox(No, I don't care much for Toejam and Earl III.), but who knows? Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. I have to admit that over the course of the summer, I've grown to love PlayStation 2 almost as much as GCN. I'm currently much more interested in playing Kingdom Hearts than in my brother's copy of Animal Crossing, Though SFA's managed to compete with it for play time.

But don't take this the wrong way; the DKU still holds the most dear place in my heart when it comes to gaming, and that likely won't change. I'm still not fully for the idea of Nintendo themselves handling DK himself now; technically, he is their property, but we were used to Rare handling his games for almost a decade now. Things are bound to have an overall different feel in future DK games, for better or worse. I'm guessing worse, as now we'll probably have to put up with some items involving "Super Happy" in their titles in the games. Or Nintendo could screw the DKCs altogether and decide to bring back the retro DK of Cranky's era. And don't get me started on the chances now of other Kongs popping up in cameo games are.(Also, for the record, Tiny, Lanky and Chunky are almost certain never to show up in a game again. Rare owns them, but it would just be too awkward to give them solo Xbox titles.)

So, what exactly is my point? Simple. Despite everything that's happened, the DKU is still alive and thriving. What's important is that DK will still live, and Conker and Banjo will find new homes. We've been in what you can call a hibernation since Conker's BFD was released, and SFA has woken us up. Let's start a new leg of our journey with the DKU, as it gets ready to enter the next generation of systems at last.

I wrote this late at night, so it may have sounded strange.

A waste of space by Behonkiss.