20 Years of Donkey Kong Country    20 Years of Donkey Kong Country
Slightly implying that I've been playing the game solidly for all 20 of those years.

Which, of course, I have.
   20 Years of Donkey Kong Country

Party hats on, trousers down! It's time for another acknowledgement of an arbitrarily-defined number of trips around the sun since the commercial release of a bit of plastic in a box. Yep! It's 20 years of the game that started all of this nonsense in the first place: Donkey Kong Country!


Supercomputer-generated MS Paint graphics.

A lot's changed since 1994 (not least the proportion of the game's fanbase who've taken to alcoholism and glue-sniffing) and the DKU's mutated into a sprawling, ridiculous and occasionally incomprehensible behemoth. But it wouldn't be anywhere without the sexy, shiny silliness of the revolutionary first game. "But what can be said about DKC that hasn't been said already in the last 20 years?" I hear the voices in my head ask me. Well, Mr. Voice-In-My-Head, I've got no idea, but at DK Vine we're gonna give it a DAMN GOOD CRACK.

Plus, we've got a fancy-pantsy new DKC-themed forum skin, complete with those delightful plastic trees, sorely neglected of late. What better excuse for you to join the forum if you haven't already?

Anyway, take a look-see-ganders at the links below (to which we'll be periodically adding more content in the days and weeks following the big day on November 21st) and re-immerse yourself in DKC's world in all its '90s, ACM, Sega-bashing, PLAY-IT-LOUD glory. Go on, do it! AND DON'T GET FOOLED BY THE FAKE CREDITS.