Rare's kart racing masterpiece on the N64 is celebrating it's 15th Anniversary this month. Wait, WHAT?!

That's right, Diddy Kong Racing came out FIFTEEN YEARS AGO (you are so fucking old)! We here at DK Vine hold Diddy Kong Racing in high regards, not just because it created the concept of Donkey Kong's greater universe, but because it was an extremely solid game with layers of complexity and innovation that have yet to be surpassed in a mascot racer. From Dino Domain to Future Fun Land, Diddy Kong Racing is the best thing since sex (though many of us were too busy playing it to ever have any). So whether you prefer Karts or Planes, Adventure or Tracks mode, Pipsy or Krunch (who am I kidding, NOBODY PREFERS KRUNCH), Alien Pig Wizards or Rascist Elephant Genies, etc, you can agree that Diddy Kong Racing is deserving of a blood sacrifice very very good.


This is clever, and DEFINITELY not lazy!

In honor of this very very good game, and as the subtley changing site logo alluded to, we've decided to throw ourselves a little party! Aside from the aforementioned logo hint-ery, we've done a number of other things in commemoration of the event. What are those things? I don't fucking know, I'm just writing the hub page! I mean, something to do with.. pastries. But here, have a picture of adorable old people celebrating their anniversary:

Wasn't that nice? So anyway, here's how it's gonna go down. You see this page here, right? This here page is gonna act like your hubbywhatsit thing-o. So, down below this, right, THAT'S where the links are gonna be. So you go check those out, and I'll like, eat some Ritz crackers or something. Go on now, click something! Oh, and don't forget to check it again tomorrow, just in case there's like, something new or whatever.