Chad's DKU Dream Game

My ultimate DKU game. I have thought about this for as long as you can imagine. I remember beating Donkey Kong Country 2, staring at Dixie's hair, and thinking what I could do to build onto this wonderful series. Sure, during the mid-nineties, all my design efforts were based on a 2D platform, but now with Donkey Kong 64, and soon-to-be Dolphin, almost anything is possible. I have visions of playable graphics with the clarity and realism of Rare's renders. These visions plague my dreams constantly, and sometimes overwhelm my every thought. But with such a powerhouse of a system, a game would obviously need an excellent story to back it up.

Well, I've been flipping this over and over in my head for years, but what I basically have decided upon, is that K. Rool dies in front of a pedestal in the Kremling ruins from DKC. Upon dying, instead of blood, a pulsating purple liquid seeps out. It slides across the floor, to a single dimly lit torch in the cavernous temple. When it reaches the floor, the liquid explodes into the throbbing Kremling Life Force we all know and love from Donkey Kong Country 2. The Force uses its strengthened power to raise the sunken Crocodile Isle volcano from the depths of the ocean surrounding DK Island. Needing a physical form, the evil power transforms into a skull, with the top part missing and the brain exposed. The volcano erupts, and the Force Skull sends hypnotic waves towards the near destructor of its species, the Kongs. The brainwaves did not affect the Kongs, however. Instead, they hypnotized the animal buddies. Slowly Rambi, Expresso, Winky, Squitter, Enguarde, Glimmer, Squawks, Squeaks, and Flapper congregate on the beaches of Donkey Kong Island. A hastily put together Kremling army comes ashore and loads the animals up, moving back towards the volcano of their origin...

Diddy and Dixie happened to be taking a morning stroll through the jungle alongside the beach, when Diddy spotted the animals voluntarily boarding a Kremling ship. He and Dixie immediately went to tell Donkey. They eventually woke him up (in a rather comical scene, I might add), and he started giving orders. Donkey Kong Island would launch a full-scale assault on the Kremlings. All the residents with some record of heroism would be summoned to rescue one of the largest assets to the Kongs.... the animal buddies.

Each area is a HUGE habitat relating somewhat to a particular hypnotized animal buddy. Each of the animals will be bosses, and the characters will have to knock them out of the hypnosis. The final showdown will take place inside the volcano, the same place as DKC2's final battle..... only in 3D. Playable characters are Donkey, Diddy, Dixie, Kiddy, Tiny, Lanky, Chunky, Banjo, and Kazooie. Minigames will be strewn everywhere. There will be hordes of side-quests, in which the player will get to indepthly explore Donkey Kong Island and Tiger Island. Music would be produced by Mr. Wise and Mr. Fischer of Rare. The game would be developed and produced by Rare, distributed by Nintendo, and output for the greatest Nintendo console at he time of production. An internal clock would be present, to alter the atmosphere conditions as they are in actuality.

Okay, so you may think this is a stupid idea. This is my dream game, and I think it would be very good when brought to a console. The plot is original (which is a rarity in videogames these days), the specs would be incredible, and it would be made by the best in the industry, Rare. Feel free to send your comments, suggestions, or even your own game ideas to me. I'm usually shun negative feedback, but here, I'm interested in your honest opinion.

A Chad McCanna conception

Slush's DKU Dream Game

Well, I'm not the game design freak Chad is. I'm more of a story lover. So let's just say that my dream DKU game would be an RPGish game only without the horrilble turn based fighting. And now the story and some background info...

Basically, I envision that the series is gradually moving towards something big. One ultimate showdown between good and evil. After the final showdown then they can introduce all new villians for some old heroes and some new heroes to fight. My dream game would be the first chapter of the final showdown (of something like five chapters). First of all, the previous game would have to end by having Donkey Kong propose to Candy Kong. Then there should be a gap between those games with no new Rare Donkey Kong games (cameo games could be okay to fill some time though). My dream game would be about the wedding. Actually, the wedding would only be part of it. Here's the story.....

Donkey and Candy are preparing for their wedding with all their family and friends. The game can start with a quirky collage of clips with them sending out invitations, buying the wedding dress, and of course DK's bachelor party (where Funky can wake up with a stripper). However, all is not well in the land of Kong. Partial DK64 ending spoiler: if you beat DK64 you saw K. Rool be seduced by Candy Kong. This establishes the fact that because Krems are born from the force power and (usually) not from mating (plus the fact that Kremlings can take on usually any shape or size), they are attracted to all species. Well, since DK64 K. Rool has been in love....with Candy Kong. Every hero's arch nemisis at one time or another has been in love with their main fling. Lex Luthor had a thing for Lois Lane, the Joker had a thing for Vicki Vale (in the movie at least), etc. So this means that K. Rool will do anything to stop the wedding.

During the games that have led up to this dream game, Banjo had met with DK several times and they became good buddies. Just enough for Banjo (with Kazooie) to be invited to the wedding. So then we see in the opening cinema Banjo in a tux, with Kazooie by his side, getting ready for the wedding. As he steps out his front door, we see Gruntilda and Klungo spying on him in the trashcans. They've developed a master plan to kill Banjo and Kazooie once and for all, so they secretly follow them to the Kongo Jungle.

Also by this time Cranky has died, so DK has posession of the island. Naturally that would make the wedding a huge event for the DK Isles and everyone would want to show up outside the church or wherever they're wed to get a peak at the bride and groom (like those damn British royality weddings). So many of the DKR racers show up like Timber, Conker, and Tiptup. However, at the same time, Wizpig has finally come up with the ultimate revenge scheme. He trails the racers to Donkey Kong Island where he plans to ambush them. Also trailing Conker is Evil Acorn, who's ready to live up to the promise he made to the squirrel at the end of Conker's Pocket Tales. So here we have four major baddies all locating to the same place with most if not all of the heroes in the DKU (you can even have Mario and friends show up in the background for good measure) in the same location. Naturally chaos would erupt. Natuarally it does.

As DK and Candy get ready to say their "I do's," the ceiling can cave in and several Kritters can slide down on ropes and start beating the monkey crap out of everybody in attendance. Klumps and Krushas can run in as well. The room can fill with gas as everybody but the Kremlings (who have gas masks) get knocked out. K. Rool can then walk in the door and grab not only Candy but Donkey. As he walks out he's greeted by Gruntilda, Wizpig, and Evil Acorn. They had their own evil plans and of course those plans were ruined by K. Rool putting his into action first. K. Rool calms them down, and somehow they all strike a deal to work together. The DKR racers and others who were standing outside could overhear this, and then they could run in and revive Diddy and the others inside the church who were knocked out.

The game could start. The objective would be to reach the villains' super HQ with your "party" (RPG lingo for group of playable characters). Your party would be huge naturally with the only playable superstar missing being DK. I don't want to restrict what could happen with this game, so I'm not going to go with a level by level description. Let's just go straight to the end with the good guy group beating the bad guy group in a four on four battle (Any four members of your party versus K. Rool, Gruntilda, Evil Acorn, and Wizpig). The good guys would win, and as the bad guys apparently die in some overdone explosion, a door would open and DK and Candy would walk out. Then it's time to finish the wedding....

As they stand there at the altar and say "I do," the reverend can prounouce them man and wife. Suddenly DK pulls out his coconut gun. Candy kicks the reverend in the groin and DK hits him with the end of the coconut gun. DK opens fire on the crowd as they run out in a panic (many characters can die here too, like Tiny). Diddy is the only one left in the room as he hides beneath a bench. Suddenly the four villians walk in and hug Mr. and Mrs. Kong. During their kidnapping, it turns out that K. Rool and pals persauded DK and Candy to "come to the dark side" (it sounds crazy but it could happen). The Union Of Evil has formed with Donkey Kong as their leader. Diddy looks on beneath the bench horrified. And that sets us up for four games of mentor versus apprentice fun....

A SirSlush2 concoction