Happy Thoughts

By now, I'm sure most of you have heard the news. Mario Kart GAMECUBE is here. It's subtitled "Double Dash", there are 2 characters per kart, and, most importantly, it has DIDDY! DIDDY DIDDY DIDDY DIDDY DIDDY DIDDY!!!! This is one of the few things we've all been hoping for SINCE THE SITE BEGAN!!! This marks the first appearance of any DK/Spinoff character besides Donkey Kong in a playable cameo role. Now, we know how unanimously KICKASS it would be to play as with Donkey and Diddy as a team. Imagine, power-sliding around a corner with Donkey, while Diddy brings his Peanut Popguns to bear and slowly aims them at Mario's forehe... but that's not what's really important here. It's the implications that are most exciting.

Since Microsoft bought Rare, Donkey Kong has been in a state of limbo. Nintendo now had all of the rights to the Donkey Kong and pals and nobody new whether they were gone for good. There was good chance, it seemed, that Nintendo would revert DK to his pre-DKU roots. Rumors flew like wild hogwash. Nobody had a definitive answer. Until now. Based on recent events, it seems likely that DK and friends will return in their DKU incarnation.

If Nintendo were going to get rid of Diddy and the rest, why would they include him in this game? They would probably go out of their way not to remind people of his existence. The fact that they haven't done this is proof enough for me that Donkey Kong "Next" will be true to the DKC series.

The only thing worries me are their character designs. As you can see in the picture to the right, Diddy's model has been given a big goofy grin to match Donkey's. This could possibly mean that Diddy has been changed to more of a Donkey Kong "other-half" to be used only in cameo games. If you notice, the character list seems to have been chosen so that each character has a logical pair. Perhaps including Diddy was, to Nintendo, a necessary evil, so that Donkey could have a partner like everyone else. This , however, seems unlikely, and for the first time, the future of the DKU seems bright and sunny, rather than bleak and foreboding. A new era for DK may be approaching, and I'll be there to meet it when it does, for good or ill.

Sparky Z is finally feeling a little optimistic.