DK Vine: Milo Investigates: The Strange Underworld of Obscure DKU-Inspired Comics: Index


DK Vine forum scribbler, occasional translator and all-round nice bloke Milo has been coerced by DK Vine into mining the annals of internet obscurity; mining for whatever absurd and wonderful creations he can find in that great, disorganised canon that is VIDEO GAME TIE-IN COMIC BOOKS. He's returned from his adventures unscathed, and with what's likely the most comprehensive lowdown of DKU-relevant comicery the $0 we paid him can buy! And it's a BEAUTY! Here's Miles' report...

The world of the DKU is rich and vibrant; at times it seems the video games that present it can barely contain it. Supplementary material in other media can lend a new perspective to this world, be it a children's adventure book, the story from an instruction manual, or even Nelvana's CGI kids' TV show (remember that? Better known around here as Lord Harry for reasons nobody can remember).

And then there's Comics too, which have long been linked to video games to a greater or lesser degree, with the likes of Archie's Sonic comics, for example, which have been very long-running and successful. Nintendo Power was also known during certain periods of its print run for publishing quality comic instalments based on Nintendo franchises. But where's the Kong love?

The answer, as we'll see, is mainly Japan and Germany. But first, for the sake of comparison, here's a summary of all native English DKU-relevant comics (they're laughably lacking).


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