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1 - Theme/Cranky's Theme

HeavyW8bit ChampionChip has brought his belt to our compilation, and What better way to start off the album than with his remix of the DKC theme song. Actually this is also a remix of Cranky's Theme, as these two tracks are very similar, and the same melody can be found in both of them. However, it all comes together perfectly in HeavyW8bit's remix.

- Laffe

"Theme/Cranky's Theme"
composed by HeavyW8bit ChampionChip

Download Theme/Cranky's Theme (6.04 MB)

2 - DK Island Swing

A very cool remix of DK Island Swing, made by Nyhlin, founder of the swedish chiphop group Gänget. I think this track is really fun listening to, and a classic example of what I associate with, and love about, swedish bitpop.

- Laffe

"DK Island Swing"
composed by Nyhlin

Download DK Island Swing (8.08 MB)

3 - Bonus Room Blitz

Hey everyone, Men of Mega here. This is our version of the Bonus Room Blitz, made with LSDJ and Ableton. Donkey Kong Country truly was an excellent game with terrific music and beautiful graphics, we both have fond memories of playing that game back in the day and enjoyed trying our hands on a remix!

Enjoy! XOXO, Men of Mega.

"Bonus Room Blitz"
composed by Men of Mega

Download Bonus Room Blitz (8.38 MB)

4 - Aquatic Ambiance

AlexOgre is a russian chiptune artist, and he has already released some amazing albums. In this track he works some sweet new melodies into Aquatic Ambiance.

- Laffe

"Aquatic Ambiance"
composed by AlexOgre

Download Aquatic Ambiance (8.39 MB)

5 - Fear Factory

It was made with 1xLSDj. I dedicate this track to all fans of DKC who love to dance and aren't afraid of losing their mind sometimes! I hope everyone will have fun.

Your Balloonbear <3

"Fear Factory"
composed by Balloonbear

Download Fear Factory (5.81 MB)

6 - Lockjaw's Saga

Submitted by MyLifeIsPixels

"Lockjaw's Saga"
composed by MyLifeIsPixels

Download Lockjaw's Saga (7.45 MB)

7 - Funky's in da Forest (Forest Interlude)

When Funky Kong meets the Forest Interlude.
Submitted by PANDAstar.

"Funky's in da Forest (Forest Interlude)"
composed by PANDAstar

Download Funky's in da Forest (Forest Interlude) (7.78 MB)

8 - Funky's Fugue

Hello world! S.P.R.Y. here! As a kid I would leave Donkey Kong Country on Funky's Flights for hours at a time (much to the chagrin of my family) because I liked the song so much. I'm happy to now give you my LSDJ version of Funky's Fugue with my own little lsdj kit touches. Enjoy!

"Funky's Fugue"
composed by S.P.R.Y.

Download Funky's Fugue (5.2 MB)

9 - Lockjaw's Saga

It was made with 1xLSDJ in my hand and a mixer on top of the table. The original song feels so amazing, and I made it a little messy.
- Sombreronegro

"Lockjaw's Saga"
composed by Sombreronegro

Download Lockjaw's Saga (7.15 MB)

10 - Hot Head Bop

Hot Head Bop is actually my favorite video game track ever, so there's a whole lot of love put into this remix, and I hope it shows. It was made in FL Studio.

- Laffe

"Hot Head Bop"
composed by Laffe the Fox

Download Hot Head Bop (7.71 MB)

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