The Wario Brothers: Hitler's Lackeys?

Throughout the Donkey Kong Universe, there are many examples of ethnic and cultural diversity, which strengthens the friendliness and universality of the series. In Banjo-Kazooie, there was Rubee, who was a signature helpful Arabian fellow. In the numerous Mario titles, of course, there were the heroic Mario and Luigi, who hailed from New York, but were Italian in descent. But who would have thought there would be a represented culture that was pure evil? Enter: The Wario Brothers. Wario and Waluigi may seem like bumblingly lovable evil elfin people, but if you really take the time to observe them, it's quite obvious that these two villains are Nazis.

The first real example of this was in Mario Party, when we were completely shown Wario in 3-D. Many of his voice-overs sounded like they were German. The most prominent example of this was his frequent cry of "Ach tung!", which roughly translates to "Oh, tongue" for some reason. "Ach tung" would go on to be used in Mario Party 2, as well as Mario Tennis. If you'll notice the screenshot, all the characters in Mario Party seemed to at least subconciously know Wario's evil Naziesque intents, and tried to kill him. In this particular example, Koopa Troopa bombed Wario, but just barely missed.

Mario Golf and Mario Party 2 had similar circumstances, so we don't need to go very in-depth as far as they're concerned. The next game aside from those two to feature Wario was Mario Tennis. Not only was the porcine elfin included, but his brother and partner in segregation, Waluigi was introduced. First, we need to prove Waluigi's inclusion in the Nazi circle. If you look at the symbol on his hat, most would tell you it is an upside-down L, with which he shows his dislike for Luigi. As in the previous example, a more in-depth observation would reveal that the symbol on Waluigi's hat is in fact one-fourth of the swastika, the Nazi symbol.

Here, we see Wario and Waluigi entering the tennis court for a doubles tournament. However, there is something odd about the way they walk. It is very synchonized, and involves lifting the leg high for each step. This was the way in which Hitler commanded the Nazis to walk, and was derogatorily dubbed "Goose-stepping". Once you know what to look for, it's very obvious that Wario and Waluigi are trying to subtlely reveal themselves as Nazis, through goose-stepping. It really saddens me to know this flagrant display of racism made its way into an otherwise brilliant game. But in case you still don't believe me, I have more proof of their inclusion in the completely wrong and immoral Nazi army.

If you are at all familiar with Nazis, you'll immediately recognize what's going on in this picture. This picture of Wario from Mario Golf, and Waluigi from Mario Tennis shows them performing the Nazi salute to their leader, Adolph Hitler. In this salute, the Nazis would cross their arms across their chests and stick them straight up in the air, while saying "Heil Hitler". Both of the Wario Brothers are very obviously doing that in these games, much to my dismay.

Lastly, this picture proves just how evil Waluigi is. In Mario Tennis, when Waluigi scores a point, he does the aforementioned Nazi salute, followed by his eyes eerily glowing. If you think this screenshot was doctored, try it for yourself in the game. It's quite creepy, and shows just how evil and completely wrong the policies of the Nazis are.

While the Nazis are a culture of sorts, I am violently opposed to their hypocritical policies and beliefs. If Wario and Waluigi are indeed subtle Nazis, I am incredibly chagrined and dismayed that such outright racism has soiled my otherwise brilliant game cartridges. Just so you know, the reason I know so much about Nazis is because they were prominently featured in two of the Indiana Jones movies, which I am a fan of. This feature was written for no reason other than to inform you of a possible inconsistency in the "E" rating of the games, and that you should think twice next time you feel the urge to choose Wario or Waluigi as your playable character.

Thanks to (Aussie) Ben Kosmina for helping me come up with the concept for this feature.

An observation by Chad McCanna