Hey, I've got an idea! Let's deviate from our normal "DKU Games are perfect" views for a bit, because quite frankly, they're not. All games, no matter how perfect, contain fun little bugs. Since these bugs are an aspect of the DKU, like it or not, we may as well highlight them, videos in tow. Keep in mind that none of these glitches will harm your game in any way. They're just fun to do. Don't expect us to put up a Donkey Kong equivalent of MissingNo. These videos are made available through YouTube, so just about any browser ought to be able to play this. What do you want, we don't have tech support. Try refreshing if it doesn't work. You'll figure it out.

Check this out: In Donkey Kong Country, it is possible to make Donkey hump himself! Screenshots do this glitch no justice, so you really need to download the video, or do it on your own. In Jungle Hijinxs, get Rambi and take him to the beginning of the level. Get the keg by jumping from the top of the trees and following the banana arrow. Hop off Rambi, pick up the keg, and throw it to your left. When it bounces off the wall, jump on it, holding Y. When you hit Rambi, tap B and let go of Y. Rambi will turn into a gray Donkey and the normal Donkey will be riding and repeatedly humping him. You can walk about halfway through the level like this, but when you exit the main area or press a button, he turns back into Rambi. Rock on, Rare Testing!

This one isn't quite as risque as the last, but it's still slightly fun, and will merit two or three seconds of chuckling. in Diddy Kong Racing, go to Timber's Island mainland and talk to Taj. Choose the hoverboat challenge, and race his pachyderm ass around the isle three times. On the final lap, make sure you cross the finish line at the far left, under the giant Wizpig head. When Taj comes out to congradulate you, he'll show up inside Wizpig's mouth! AHAHAHAHA!!!! Ahem.

Everybody knows about this one, and it still remains one of my favorites. As you probably know (unless you're a complete waster), the final level of Banjo-Kazooie features all four seasons. In the level, Gnawty the Beaver asks you to clear the path to his dam - a feat you can normally only perform in Summer. However, through some programming oversight, you can get above his dam in Spring, shoot eggs out your backside over the edge, and break open the rock.If you swim down there, the tunnel is untextured, and you can see through the tree to all parts of the level. If you jump out of the tunnel and fly back in, you can even run around underwater without losing breath. Suh-weet.

Question: What's the minimum numbers of golden bananas needed to beat Donkey Kong 64?
Answer: 5.
Yes, that's right! Once you open up Angry Aztec and enlist the help of Lanky Kong, the rest of the game is yours for the taking. If you walk up to an uncleared B. Locker and stretch out Lanky's arms with the triple-B move, he'll touch the DK Warp Screen and enter into the level.

Donkey Kong 64 was a gigantic game, so naturally, testing it was considerably difficult. Here's another little fun thing to do that isn't quite as advantageous, but is a definite two-minute cure for boredom. Go to Fungi Forest at night and use the "2" Warp Pad. Change into Chunky, jump in the nearby Hunky Chunky barrel, and go to the small inlet where there used to be a Troff N Scoff warp. Jump, and you'll go through the wall into a blue area. If you walk forward a bit, you'll show up right back at the level entrance. However, turn right, and you'll come through a wall near the thornbush-surrounded barn. Wow. The fun never stops with DK64 glitches.

Even my current favorite game, Conker's Bad Fur Day, isn't free from the oddity beast. When you bring the hive back to Mrs. Queen Bee from the Wankas, turrets come out of it and she blasts them to insect hell. By the time the cinema ends and you take back control of Conker, the turrets are still going back into the hive. If you hit the hive with your frying pan just as the turrets disappear, it will fly off the wodden stand, go across the river, and gradually crawl up the wall, exiting the level completely. Thanks for overlooking this one, Rare. There's nothing more gratifying to me than repeatedly trying to ride the hive out of the level.

A developer can spend years upon years making a game as bug-free as possible, but there will always be some bastard like me who jumps from a rolling keg onto a rhinoceros.

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