DKJV Radio's Greatest Hits

Before the site shut down, there was a short-lived but highly entertaining radio feature called DKJV radio. It would continuously play tunes from your favorite DKU games, as well as the occasional fake commercial, and when you were really lucky there were live broadcasts. When Live365 started being a real pain in the arse, the radio was sadly forced into oblivion. However, you can now relive those glory days by listening to the live broadcasts and song breaks in all their glory. Burn them to CD! Ride through ghetto neighborhoods, playing them at maximum volume! It makes the perfect gift, too. Imagine the look on little Billy's face when he receives something far greater than an XBOX or GameCube this holiday season. Imagine the look on his face when he receives DKJV's Greatest Hits Volume 1.

Archived Broadcasts
DKJV Live - Broadcast Episode 1
(07/31/01): 4.3 MB

DKJV Live - Broadcast Episode 2
(12/16/01): 3.6 MB

DKJV Live - Broadcast Episode 3
(12/20/01): 5.6 MB

Song Breaks


"Where the music never stops.."

Chad and Coily

"I wanna be the very best.."


"Broadcasting from the 9th layer of Hell."

Just Click the Link.

Aussie Ben

"Just like any other radio station, only crap."

"Radio KDJV..."


Nintendo Power Radio!

Celebrity Endorsement


"It's has nothing to do with anything.."

"We talk, you listen."