The Rogues' Gallery

A Listing Of The Main Villians Of The DKU

K. Rool

-Species: Kremling
-Main Foe: Donkey Kong Junior
-Title: Kremling King
-Best Known For: Being The Boss Of The DKC Games/Being The Kremling Leader
-Current Status: Evil
-Current Location: Presumably Prison.
-Notes: K. Rool is the main villian of the Donkey Kong Universe. He briefly lost his title of king to KAOS.


-Species: Kremling Cyborg
-Main Foes: Dixie Kong, Kiddy Kong
-Title: Former Kremling King
-Best Known For: At One Time Running Off The Brain Power Of Donkey And Diddy.
-Current Status: Non-Operational
-Current Location: Presumably Prison.
-Notes: KAOS was voted in as king after K. Rool had been blamed for the destruction of Crocodile Isle. After time K. Rool was voted back into power, and KAOS is now just another face in the gigantic Kremling Army.


-Species: Human
-Main Foe: Bowser Koopa
-Title: Plumber
-Best Known For: Being The Mascot Of Nintendo
-Current Status: Good
-Current Location: Mushroom Kingdom (In The Mushroom Dimension)
-Notes: Mario has had a long hatred of the Kong family, most notably Cranky Kong. This feud carried over into the Donkey Kong Universe and the adult Donkey Kong Junior with Mario Kart 64, but the events of Mario Party brought a new found respect between the two. Mario is now considered an uneasy ally of DK, even though there is still a competitive nature between the man and ape.


-Species: Genie
-Main Foes: Diddy Kong, Taj
-Title: Genie
-Best Known For: Being The Boss Of Diddy Kong Racing
-Current Status: Evil
-Current Location: Hiding On Timber's Island
-Notes: Wizpig is believed to be dead by the group of animals who opposed him in Diddy Kong Racing, but he's actually been plotting his revenge for some time now. It's hard to tell when the time comes that he will finally strike again.


-Species: Human
-Main Foes: Banjo Bear, Kazooie
-Title: Witch
-Best Known For: Being The Boss Of The Banjo Games
-Current Status: Evil
-Current Location: Isle O' Hags
-Notes: After being rescued by her evil sisters, Gruntilda fled to their lair named Cauldron Keep, and was eventually confronted by Banjo and Kazooie. She blew herself to smithereens with a wayward spell, and is currently concious, but only her head remains.

Bowser Koopa

-Species: Koopa
-Main Foe: Mario
-Title: Koopa King
-Best Known For: Being The Main Villian Of The Mario Games
-Current Status: Evil
-Current Location: At Large.
-Notes: Bowser's ultimate goal is to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and bring the Koopa Tribe into ultimate power. His plans during the many competitions in the Mushroom Dimension are often foiled by DK, Mario, and Mario's group of friends and foes.

Master Hand

-Species: Living Glove
-Main Foes: The Heroes Of Super Smash Bros.
-Title: Magical Being
-Best Known For: Being The Boss Of Super Smash Bros.
-Current Status: Evil
-Current Location: Presumably Dead (After The Dimensional Realm He Created Collapsed On Itself)
-Notes: Master Hand has made a signifigant contribution to the DKU mythos with his creation of the Chest of Time, allowing not only another route between dimensions (the pipe in Mushroom Village being the other), but a way to travel into the past and future and bring residents of those time periods to the present.

Evil Acorn

-Species: Acorn Person
-Main Foe: Conker
-Title: Stalker
-Best Known For: Being The Boss Of Conker's Pocket Tales/His Disturbing Looks
-Current Status: Evil
-Current Location: On Another Continent (After The Force Of His Own Bomb Blew Him Out Of The Catacombs Beneath Willow Woods)
-Notes: Evil Acorn appears to be a psychopathic stalker of Conker's friend Berri the chipmunk. He crashed Conker's birthday party to kidnap her, developing a feud between the two men.

The Fabled Panther King

-Species: Panther
-Main Foe: The Professor
-Title: Former King
-Best Known For: Banishing the Kulas of Conk to The Dark Place
-Current Status: Evil
-Current Location: Presumed dead, cadaver floating in Outer Space
-Notes: The Fabled Panther King had a deep and convoluted past, so legendary that his escapades were made the topic of many bedtime stories for the children of Willow Woods. This is where Conker initially heard of him, but dismissed the notion as a fable.