Ten More Top DKU Melodies

On July 30, 2000, we launched a Feature appropriately named Top Ten DKU Melodies. It was supposed to the definite list. The absolute best, the cream of the crop, the butter of the bread, the fat of the bacon, the spank of the monkey, etc. However, the list has long been disputed. We left out many songs that were also worthy, some more so than the ones listed. Combined with the fact that new songs from new games were reverberating through our ear drums, we realized we had to do something.

So here it is, on September 17, 2001, that we introduce Ten More Top DKU Melodies. Before you start, please go back and read the original if you haven't done so. Done? Bueno. This is how it relates. This is a seperate top ten list from the original. We're including songs that were around at the time of the original list, so we didn't see the logic in having an older song suddenly jump ahead of one that was already ranked. That's not how this is set up. However, at the end of this Feature, we'll have a list of all twenty songs that have appeared in both top tens, and show what order we feel the top twenty DKU songs of all time go. There, a classic song may be placed ahead of one from the original Feature. Understand? No? Well, ask someone else to explain it.

Conker's Pocket Tales
Krow Keep
Composer: Robin Beanland

Um... Krow Keep... huh. We were going to use a Donkey Kong Land song, but we were at a loss of which one to use (Slush said Big Ape City, Chad said Kremlantis). So we decided to rip one out of the most underrated DKU game of all time, Conker's Pocket Tales. Krow Keep is actually a pretty eerie song when you listen to it, despite the 8-bit MIDI limitations. The level takes Conker through a medieval cactle and fairgrounds, and the theme reflects that perfectly. The tune keeps an overall cheerful facade, but can sometimes be downright creepy when faced with the water balloon man Waldorf, and chairs that just up and start walking at you.

Click Clock Wood (Spring)
Composer: Grant Kirkhope

Spring is a magical time of year. The frost of Winter sheds itself in lieu of nature returning to its vibrant greens and varieties of life. Animals return from hibernation, warmer days are frequent, and everything has a sense of newness to it. Mr. Kirkhope's musical rendition of the season in Click Clock Wood fit it to a tee. In fact, it's engraved into the staff's psyche whenever Winter changes to Spring in real life too. Yes, we do whistle this for three months. Well, if we could whistle, we would.

Diddy Kong Racing
Spaceport Alpha
Composer: David Wise

We love Spaceport Alpha. The song just compliments this stage in every conceivable aspect. It has a military beat to it, hence the Spaceport, but every other aspect is wacky and fun, just like Slush and Chad's vision of Outer Space. Out of all the Diddy Kong Racing songs, this is the one that we find outselves humming the most.

Donkey Kong Country 2 / Donkey Kong Land 2
Character Parade
Composer: David Wise

When we beat K. Rool for the first time in DKC2, most of us knew it wasn't over yet, but it was a pretty special accomplishment. It looked like the Roolster was a goner, the victim of a vicious shark attack. The character parade gave us time to relax after freeing DK, and reflect on the game so far. The music that accompanied it was very appropriate. It had a parade-esque beat to it, without straying too far off from the "being victorious on the evil pirate island" moment.

Conker's Bad Fur Day
Rock Solid
Composer: Robin Beanland

Was there really any doubt that this would be on the list? Come on, it's Rock Solid! This is basically the only DKU song that any of us can listen to in public without being outrightly ridiculed. The Rock Solid theme takes everything good about the techno-rave genre (apart from the drugs) and increases it tenfold. Crank your car's nonexistant subwoofers, unroll your windows, pop in the CBFD CD, point it to track nine, and you're off. Hell yeah.

Donkey Kong Country / Donkey Kong Country (GBC)
Fear Factory
Composer: David Wise

The ultimate industrial song. It's hard to describe why, but this song makes steel, large pipes, and fire hazards cool. In fact, if you ever get the chance, sneak into the back area of a Food Lion grocery store, and work your way to the engine room. You won't be able to get this song out of your head in those surroundings. And yes, we like to relax in the back rooms of grocery stores while thinking of Super NES music.

Donkey Kong Country 3 / Donkey Kong Land III
Cascade Capers
Composer: David Wise

DKC3 had more of an epic feel than the original two DKC games had. While much of it can be attributed to the large, open world map, this song plays a part in it as well. Just download it and listen. The echoes you hear while going across the waterfalls can make your spine tingle... if you get involved enough with it, that is. We really do take this stuff too seriously, don't we? Well, someone had to, eventually.

Conker's Bad Fur Day
Chucky Poo's Lament
Composer: Robin Beanland
Performed by: Chris Marlow and Chris Seavor

"I am the Great Mighty Poo, and I'm going to throw my shit at you!"
For some reason that we'd probably all just as soon not delve deeper into, this hilarious song keeps us coming back for more. This was the first DKU song with lyrics (if you don't count the Monkey Rap, which we don't), and we can only hope to find more songs in the same vein in future comedy releases.

Conker's Bad Fur Day
Composer: Robin Beanland

Like the last feature's iteration, the number 2 song may come as a bit of a shock to you. While Conker's Bad Fur Day's final moments may have merely been a moral juxtaposition of the vastly immoral game, Conker's saddened words seemed to delve beneath that facade and really get you empathizing with his loss. After he eerily whispered "...gone....", Conker intensely acknowledged the camera, and the screen faded to black amidst thunder in the background. As the credits rolled, and we were left to ponder this startlingly profound conclusion, a haunting song played, accompanied by nothing more than the blowing wind and occasional distant rumbles of thunder. After the chimes take their toll, an immensely saddening violin accompanies them once more through, intensifying the subtle message that Conker's Bad Fur Day was a prodigy among games.

Donkey Kong Country 2 / Donkey Kong Land 2
Jib Jig
Composer: David Wise

While Stickerbush Symphony has often been regarded as the pinnacle song from Donkey Kong Country 2, no tune captured the spirit of the game better than Jib Jig. The sense of adventure conveyed here was breathtaking (hyperbole!), and it really can't be understood unless you listen to it and appreciate DKC2 in all its splendidness. It transports you into the game, in a world with adventure on the high seas, pirates, treasure, and a tropical, yet foreboding, island. If this song was in any other game, or perhaps any other series, it would lose the impact it has. With its symbiotic relationship with DKC2, it even passes Stickerbush Symphony (not surprisingly, another DKC2 song) as perhaps the greatest DKU melody of all time.

The Top Twenty DKU Melodies

20: Krow Keep (CPT)
19: Spiral Mountain (B-K)
18: Northern Kremisphere (DKC3)
17: Click Clock Wood (B-K)
16: Spaceport Alpha (DKR)
15: Forest Interlude (DKC2)
14: Rainbow Road (MK64)
13: Funky's Theme (DKC2)
12: Character Parade (DKC2)
11: Rock Solid (CBFD)
10: Fear Factory (DKC)
9: Welcome to Crocodile Isle (DKC2)
8: Cascade Capers (DKC3)
7: Rockface Rumble (DKC3)
6: Mining Melancholy (DKC2)
5: Game Over (DKC)
4: Chucky Poo's Lament (CBFD)
3: Stickerbush Symphony (DKC2)
2: Credits (CBFD)
1: Jib Jig (DKC2)

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