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Top Ten DKU Fearbringers

Donkey Kong Country 2
Crocodile Isle Overworld

The Kremling equivalent of Dr. Moreau's island This is what sets DKC2 apart from the other DKU games... setting. Crocodile Isle is hostile territory, and naturally had a darker appeal to it. You get the shivers the first time you lay eyes on the smoke billowing, the Zingers flying in swarms around the broken down carnival. But unfortunately, you can't fully experience the terror of Crocodile Isle without the..... ahem..... overworld theme.

Diddy Kong Racing
Dragon Forest
Haunted Woods

Wow, Casper has really let himself go. Diddy Kong Racing was an ultra-cutesy game, right? WRONG! Sure it may seem that way for the first fifteen tracks, but once you reach Haunted Woods, you're in for a scare. You round the fountain at breakneck speeds (or go through it if you're on the hovercraft) and you come to some woods. There's only one thing on your mind at this point: beat everyone else. But that soon changes. You see floating ghostly heads of Wizpig flying at you, giggling insanely. This is the stuff horror movies are made of.

Donkey Kong Country 2
Gloomy Gulch
Ghostly Grove

Diddy holds on for dear life... Sucker! Okay, so they're only ropes. But the ropes are just the icing on the cake. The dough and bread part of the cake is the setting. The haunted woods in Gloomy Gulch bring both a tear to your eye and a nightmare to your lower neurons. However, the ghost ropes, while looking seemingly harmless are cold, cruel creatures from beyond the grave. They'll appear for you, and then drop you into a bottomless pit. Furthermore, they have glowing red eyes, and they wail incessantly. Excuse my while I shudder.

Mario Party
Tug O War

When gorillas in the desert wearing giant evil tortise suits fall into oddly placed red spikey flowers...next on FOX! Oh, yeah, sure, it's only a mini game. But Mario Party is entirely about mini games, so naturally, it would need to be mentioned. Upon first inspection, Tug O War is a fun, innocent game. But play it several more times, specifically as the bowser mutant. You'll find it almost impossible to win. The game becomes so addictive, you can't stop playing it. The game tells you to spin the control stick with your thumb, but that's not fast enough! You use the palm of your hand. You start to go faster and faster. You think you've won, until the blisters set in. You look at your hand and see the grotesque, water-filled bubble preventing you from gripping the N64 controller. Unlike the other DKU fearbringers, it's not the scene itself, but the side effects that are outwittingly terrifying.

Conker's Pocket Tales
Game Boy version
Intro Screen

Who knows what he'll do to the butterfly when he catches it? This isn't truly teeth-shatteringly scary once you've seen it...but I had never played Conker's Pocket Tales, and suddenly the squirrel's demon-face popped up with huge demon-eyes. I've never screamed louder. His huge, wet eyes.... just drilling into you, piercing your soul. Eventually, you'll get over Conker's supposed alliance with Satan and realize that it's only a rumor. But if you're a first-time CPT player, beware the Game Boy version's intro. You'll have nightmares for weeks.

Click Clock Wood
Nabnut's Wintertime Hussle

On the same level as Cinemax at 1 AM When was the first time you broke into Nabnut's home in the winter? What did you think when you saw Nibblenut snuggling with Nabnut? First came confusion, than came hillarious understanding, and then came fear as you realize that the characters in the DKU do get it on regularly. Hoho no.

Donkey Kong Country 2
Krem Quay
Glimmer's Gallion

Will cause many the heart failures. Ahhh. You knew Glimmer was in this level. But he wasn't with you from the start. So you just swim along, feeling your way through the dark, and suddenly BAM!!! Glimmer swims out of NOWHERE behind you. It really should make you jump.

Mad Monster Mansion
Satan Church

Not as boring as 'God' church, but evil and wrong Mad Monster Mansion wasn't really scary. Until you go to the Satanic Church. It's hard to describe, but play this section of the game at 2 AM, and then you'll know why it's number three.

Donkey Kong Country 2
Gloomy Gulch
Haunted Hall

A rollar coaster in a library.   SCARY!! Kackle is just a scary bad guy, because unlike other animal platform games, they didn't make Kackle look like a cute or "soft" ghost. He was evil, no doubt about that. And all the Kackles in this level chasing you.......if you hit the minus barrel, chances are you were dead.

Donkey Kong Country
Monkey Mines
Stop and Go Station

On the level of dogs playing poker This is true terror. The dank empty mines, with the low music playing consisting of water hitting the floor and dogs barking. And the Rockrocks, the most terrifying drone enemy ever in DKU history. Their red glowing eyes still haunt many a dream.