Top Ten DKU Fearbringers 2
Electric Bugaloo

Mario Party 2
Mini-Game Land
Close-up of Woody

Mother of Mercy.... You may be wondering why our logic let this one in at number 10 in this year's Top Ten DKU Fearbringers. After all, what's so scary about Mario Party 2? What's so scary about Woody the tree? Well, from the map screen Woody looks like a jovial fellow. A cute little living tree. But when you get a little closer...holy crap. Woody looks like the most hideous, evil tree you can imagine. It really is quite a jolt of surprise when you talk to him the first time.

Click Clock Wood
Nabnut's Wintertime Hustle

The origin of Conker. Sound of squirrels moaning in pleasure....
"Oh...oh...oh....OH NABNUT!"
"Oh....oh...oh...OH NIBBLENUT!"
"If you insist!"
"Wait, I meant your na...OH...OH...OH!"

Donkey Kong Country 2
Krem Quay
Glimmer's Galleon

''I think I just had a cardiac arrest!'' So it may have nothing to do with the supernatural. So it may only be one of your animal friends darting out at you without warning. It's still a shocker, much like Woody's ugly mug at a close-up angle. I mean, what would scare you more? Seeing a ghost just standing there, or having a fish with a natural light dart out at you at an insane speed? Think long and hard about it.

Donkey Kong 64
Creepy Castle
The Opening of the Level Theme

Donkey flees the primatophilistic Crypt Keeper. This is perhaps a simple entry, but it's got a kind of melancholy sadness to it. Have you ever listen to the Creepy Castle theme just as it started and you entered the level? It's not the most complex set of fear inducing frantic beats you'll ever hear, but it's more of a refined sadness that just seems to define "death" in the dictionary. It's hard to explain, but perhaps we won't have to if you just listen to it in MP3 format here.

Mad Monster Mansion
Satan Church

Gold feathers can double as exorcism. Welcome back Satan Church. If the one set of rumors are true and B-T will connect with B-K to form one large game, then we may get to revisit the Satan Church in the not too distant future. Except this year we won't have to pray to Lucifer to save us from the "Y2K catastrophe." Oh my, it's a killer glitch! It's the end of the world!

Donkey Kong Country 2
Gloomy Gulch
Haunted Hall

Dem bones, dem bones... This one dropped from two to five this year, but it's not like it went down in the "fear factor." It's just the DKU has seen more horrifying things in the last year. Not much else to say about this one, except that the Kackles still look pretty realistic, even with all this fancy "PSX2" hoopla going around.

Mario Golf
Golf Guru's Pitch and Putt

The father of Adam Sandler. The GBC version of Mario Golf featured perhaps the most horrifying challenge this side of seeing Paula Jones naked in Penthouse. You had to go through nine holes of sheer torture by getting a F'N BIRDIE for each one...or you fail. Oh, and you couldn't chip-in either. But no no, they wouldn't take you out of the Pitch and Putt if you failed. They'd keep you going, and when you finished, they'd shatter your dreams! It really was a nightmare, supernatural or not.

Donkey Kong 64
Creepy Castle
The Crypt

A cheerful fog of chlorine gas. Damn those folks at Rare, this was just creepy. They really went the extra mile with the sound effects, and the overall color and "lighting" scheme in this portion of Creepy Castle. Of course, Slush took inspiration from this horror for his annual Halloween Hellhouse this year, and upped the zombie moaning.

Donkey Kong Country
Monkey Mines
Stop and Go Station

Rockkrocks:  Modern Medusas. Last year's number one is this year's number two. It's still one of the scarier experiences in videogames, but was slightly nudged out by a new entry. Of course, the Stop and Go Station will be revisited with the release of Donkey Kong Country for Game Boy Color in less than a month. Of course, the level certainly can't be as scary on GBC as it can on the SNES. Still...all those Rockkrocks...

Donkey Kong 64
Creepy Castle
The Ballroom

''Damned Tiny adjusted the size of my cap again...'' Oh yes, if it isn't the ballroom. This was perhaps the most eerie feeling that any platformer has ever given. For one thing, the tiled floor reflects your image and everything above with wonderous accuracy. Second, the VOICES you hear in this room are almost too mucy. It was obviously a ballroom for the wealthy, as you can hear the ghostly laughter of parties of yore. Playing this late at night, you wanted to get out as quick as possible.