Booty Lube, Or Why I Stopped Worrying And Decided To Whine About GameShark


It's been a large part of videogames for many years now. Dating back to the NES, cheating has helped gamers beat that impossible boss, skip the most daunting levels, or never run out of lives. It used to be that only codes programmed in by the game designers were the only way to cheat. Then in the early 1990's the toy company Galoob released a so called "Video Game Enchancer" named Game Genie for the NES. It breathed new life into some of the great, now classic games by allowing you to hack into your games and type in your own combinations of codes, allowing numerous fun-filled side effects. Galoob would go on to make a Game Genie for Game Boy, Super Nintendo, Genesis, and so on. A few years later InterAct would release their own game hacking device called GameShark. While the devices were somewhat different, the desired effect was the same.

Now I admit that I own both a Game Genie (for the NES) and GameShark (for the N64). However, since this Feature focuses on GameShark, that's what I will talk about. I just got a GameShark recently. However, I only use it on games I have already beaten (and I never use it on my Donkey Kong Universe games, just because they're too precious to jam something on them). I can add replay value to Super Mario 64 and others with GameShark by producing all sorts of weird codes (like invisible Mario, half in the ground Mario, bent over like Andy Dick Mario, etc.). Personally, I don't see the harm in doing this especially if you've gotten everything in the game already without cheating (which I think is safe to say is what the designers want). Which brings us to Banjo-Kazooie. B-K is infamous for it's "Banjo-Tooie" secrets that Mumbo previewed at the end of the game. It brought up piles up intrigue for the sequel, because here was an innovative concept: you couldn't fully complete the original without the help of the sequel, and vice versa. The millions and the millions of Banjo-Kazooie fans out there also have to admit to playing the game to no end in trying to find a way to unlock the secrets before the sequel comes out.

Some took it too far though.

Image Provided Courtesy Of Animal2627 Some hacked away their B-K cartridge with GameShark for months until they finally DID find a way to get the secrets. First there was the Ice Key in Freezeezy Peak that they obtained. Then they found out how to get the "? Eggs" in Treasure Trove Cove and Gobi Valley. This perturbed me due to the fact that Rareware and the B-K team didn't want the players unlocking the secrets beforehand, because it removed the mysticism of the B-K/B-T connection and the whole purpose of unlocking the secrets somehow when the sequel came. Still, they couldn't do much with the secrets until Banjo-Tooie came out, and Rare promised to find a way to "spoil" their Ice Key stealing, egg heisting fun (by somehow making the secrets NOT work with Banjo-Tooie if they were obtained the GameShark way). So all was apparently okay.

But....some took it too far again.

They continued to hack away at the game with GameShark. They hacked and hacked and hacked until they found out something that really POed me. Rare already said in the Banjo-Kazooie Tepid Seat at Rarewhere that there were more hidden secrets in Banjo-Kazooie that Mumbo DIDN'T show you. But then the GameShark grabbers discovered these hidden secrets. To keep the readers who don't already know what these secrets are (they were released months ago, but hopefully you don't know yet) in the dark, I'm not going to spill the beans here. Let's just say that there were definitely more secrets. Not only did it ruin more of Rare's plans, but it spoiled the surprise for many out there of finding these secrets. This is just wrong. It's like not only unwrapping all of your presents before Christmas, it's like unwrapping your entire family's gifts and then telling them what they got. It's not only cheating your self, it's cheating everyone else.

So I beg all of the people who haven't unlocked the secrets yet but are planning to with GameShark: don't spoil it for yourself (and your friends if they don't know yet). Just think how rewarding it will be when you do get Banjo-Tooie in (hopefully) a few months. Plus, Rare DID promise a spoil sporty type plan that will make the already captured secrets worth diddly crap (and the game registers that the secrets have been found even if you erase your files, and even if you are able to delete all of your data there's no telling what side effects will me, one of my friends is finding glitches because he got the B-T secrets then deleted the "secrets data" with GameShark).

And to all the people who got the secrets, I suggest each and every one of you hit yourself hard in the stomach....and then apologize to Rare. Then hit yourself once again....this time where the sun don't shine (depending on gender, you can also find the most sensitive area on your body and hit yourself there).

A SirSlush2 Duction.