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April Fools 2001

Ahahahahaha! Yes! It was all an elaborately planned and executed April Fools joke. Slush and Our Friend are not, and never were kicked off the staff. Ben and I like Pokemon, but certainly not enough to make a site about it, and CERTAINLY not enough to abandon the DKU.

Our favorite part of this entire ordeal was the turmoil in the bulletin board. A few had this pegged as an April Fools joke from the start, but as time went on, they weren't so sure. Many began to panic, and thought that Cleffa's Wigglytuff Pokemon Bonanza was a real site. Well, it's not. You cal click the navigation bar to the left to see all the pages we edited, and the resulting Pokemoned site layout.

Back to good ol' semi-nightly DKU updates, which is what we're good at. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a 1 vs. 3 Mini-Game Tree biography to write.

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