With Rare under new ownership and on a new console, the decision was made to, instead of producing a sequel to the brilliant Conker's Bad Fur Day, port the first game to the Xbox under the title "Conker: Live & Uncut." For some reason or another, the title changed to the less-circumcision-sounding "Conker: Live & Reloaded."

As it was originally planned, Live & Reloaded was two games in one. The Live portion had you going against your friends on Xbox Live to fulfill mass squirrel and bear murder in the past and future. The Reloaded portion was a spruced-up version of Bad Fur Day, with a few changes here and there, and proving that "twat" and "fellatio" were too hot to handle for the obviously child-friendly Xbox.

Is it worth your time? Depends on who you ask, as the "Live" portion of "Live & Reloaded" is no more. But with screenshots and reviews, we'll let you be the judge.

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