Microsoft's acquisition of Rare was one of the most important events in the DKU. For better or worse, lots of games were either retooled, canceled, or trimmed upon news of the move to greener, money-filled pastures. One of those losses was Donkey Kong Racing.

Enter Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, PAON's version of what we were probably going to get from Rare (if it ever had the chance to go that far). More than two Kongs in a racing game that's not Mario-related for a change! Cool Moves! The chance to punch out K. Rool with Wrinkly Kong! A level in space! Controls that take too long to get used to!

Easily the most divisive DK game since DK Jungle Beat (and not for reasons you may think, unless you're thinking of the controls), it's certainly worth whatever price you can find it nowadays to get the Donkey Kong racing game that we waited too long for.

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