Released in 2004, less than a month after red headed step child Donkey Konga managed to make blink 182 even more ubiquitous, the Game Boy Advance port of Donkey Kong Country 2 was a source of solace for many during that dark period in DKU history. Rare's third time porting an exisiting Donkey Kong game, DKC2 GBA represented great strides in keeping much of the spirit of the original game intact during the conversion from SNES to handheld. Other than some musical and graphical subtleties, not much was lost in the transfer over.

However, what was added more than made up for the dumbed down "Stickerbrush Symphony" we ended up getting. An extra boss, an extended Expresso cameo, a poorly constructed opening cutscene and minigame, extra collectibles, continuity wanks and more reawait you in DKC2 GBA. It wasn't the game we deserved, but the one we needed.

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