After the incredible sales records of the first games in the series, it was inevitable that Rare would get to work on the third and final DKC game of the original trilogy. While it was to end the SNES Donkey Kong lineage, it was just to be another incredible notch in the Donkey Kong Universe. This was the first DKU game to switch development teams behind the scenes, but the end result came out no less than still spectacular.

Donkey and Diddy are missing after going on a vacation to the Northern Kremisphere. What's worse is, the region has suddenly become infested with Kremlings led by their mysterious new king, KAOS. Could this evil new world order of Kremlings finally overthrow the forces of good? Not if Dixie Kong and cousin (by adoption) Kiddy Kong can help it. Oh, and there are many bears. Many.

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
System Super Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Rareware
Players 1-2 Alternating
Game Size 32 Megabits
Rating K-A
Release Date November 22, 1996

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