After DK64 was released, the wait for a main DK game was long. Very long. Too long, even. Rare being sold certainly didn't help matters.

Ports of the trilogy were released, and DK himself forayed into different genres. He went PAN-PANning with Namco's two (three in Japan) Konga games, and dropped acid with the Flying Corn Monster in Jungle Beat. The Killa' Gorilla's also been treated very well thanks to PAON releasing DK King of Swing, DK Jungle Climber, and Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. Despite the somewhat uneven quality of those games, we waited still.

And one day, this wait came to an end. In June 2010, Retro did the impossible and returned Donkey Kong Country to this gaming generation. Yes, the Kremlings and K. Rool are gone (or are they?). Yes, there are no water levels (or are there?). But one thing's for sure: Retro has shown that they know what they're doing: respecting the franchise's core principles while establishing their own rules. It's only fitting that the game we've been waiting for so many years is also the most important game release since this site's opening in 1999.

DK. Donkey Kong is back.

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