Though Donkey Kong Country Returns was sucessful in resurecting our favorite ape-based franchise, many fans feared the game (and its 3D remake) would prove to be mearly a one-off, leaving them out in the cold.

Cue Retro Studios at E3 2013 to deliver the ultimate chill pill. Donkey and Diddy are back for another adventure, this time in glorious High Definition ("HD", I like to call it; I just made that up off the top of my head but you can use it yourself if you like), but they better stay frosty as they battle yet another new slew of enemies: the cold-hearted Snomads! Not only that, but fan-favorite Dixie Kong has been brought out of cold storage, returning for a playable role in an original platforming game for the first time since 1997. And speaking of first times, Cranky Kong has broken out of his supporting role pigeonhole like a glacier, standing alongside the other three Kongs in their latest adventure.

Fans of underwater and snow levels are no longer given the cold shoulder either, as both archetypes return to the fold. Finally, in a move that truely proves hell has frozen over, ace composer David Wise makes a welcome return to the Donkey Kong franchise to provide the soundtrack.

It's ice to see you again, Kongs.

...I'll stop now.

...or WILL I?


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