From the minds that would later create the much beloved Super Mario Galaxy games comes this equally fan-pleasing Donkey Kong adventure... and by fan-pleasing I mean a fandom-splitting, polarizing, and downright spiteful attempt to renew the Donkey Kong series. Fresh off the sale of Rareware to Satan Microsoft, Nintendo put it upon themselves to bring a "fresh" new perspective to the DK series.

Keen to prove that they don't need Rareware to make a Donkey Kong game (those Western devils), they've done away with ALL references to Rare's Country games of old. That's right: new enemies, new animal buddies, and a completely unique game play system revolving around acrobatic tricks and strings of combos. Not fresh enough for you? Well, I might have forgotten to mention that you control the entire game with the DK Bongos peripheral, as made famous by Donkey Konga! If this isn't exactly the game you'd imagined for DK's spotlight GameCube performance, than surely there is no pleasing you.

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