You might have missed out on Donkey Kong Jungle Beat when it came out on the GameCube. Or (more likely) you avoided it like the fucking plague. Either way, you've got another chance to experience it, as Nintendo has released a discounted remake on the Wii. Why would you want to do that, you might ask? Well, aside from the fact that it was surprisingly fun to begin with, the remake brings a ton of revisions to the table.

As the new title suggests, you're no longer guiding DK through the jungle with a bulky bongo peripheral. However, unlike other games in this line of remakes, this game trades a gimmicky control scheme in for a normal one. To compliment this, several new moves have been added including ground pounding to get items and a high back-flip ala' Donkey Kong 64. Another change aimed at making the game play out more like a "normal" platformer, is the health system. Originally, the collected bananas acted as DK's health, and he had an unlimited number of lives. Now, DK's health is measured in hearts, and he collects Golden DK coins as 1-ups. Alongside the returning DK coins are the Kong's most iconic items: barrel cannons.

Aside from the strange control method, a common complaint of the GameCube game is that it had no plot and thus gave us no context for why DK is beating up a plant with a chicken's head without any of his old friends. This remake rectifies that with the inclusion of a story, giving DK an actual incentive to complete the adventure.

While other games in this line of simple ports have only changed the control scheme and nothing else, New Play Control Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is an experience surprisingly distinct from its predecessor; In fact, with a multitude of references to Rare's Donkey Kong games, it's surely dropped the philosophy attached to the GameCube incarnation. It's still not in line with how a Donkey Kong game should be, but it is only a remake after all. If you were a part of the embarassingly pissy fan culture surrounding this game's release and your panties have since unbunched, you may want to read on and find out more about this formerly-evil-but-now-tolerable platformer.

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