Before the latest Year of the Kong in 2010, there was another Year of the Kong just three years before that. Not only was Rare's first DS game announced, but two (count 'em, TWO) games from PAON were, too. One of which was even a sequel no one saw coming!

Jungle Climber, the sequel to 2005's love letter from PAON known as King of Swing, took everything that made King of Swing good and made it even better. The graphics became more similar to Rare's ACM graphics, the levels were bigger, the challenges were even more challenging, the game was a lot lengthier and faster, DK no longer controlled like he was walking in molasses, and there were even Lost Worlds (in a sense)! PAON also succeeded where Jungle Beat failed and made an anthromorphic banana an actual legitimate character.

Donkey Kong Country Returns may be getting the love of fans everywhere, but before that, there was another company respecting what Rare made. If there's any DK game on the DS that can compliment DK's game on Wii, you can't go wrong with Jungle Climber.

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