2005 was the year in which we really saw what can happen with the DK license when Rare wasn't the only company developing it, for better or for worse. Namco was PAN-PAN!!-ing Donkey Konga again for a sequel, Rare continued their GBA support with Donkey Kong Country 3, and Nintendo Tokyo was trying to convince us that Donkey Kong and the Banana were the only worthwhile characters in the entire franchise.

One company dared to be different. One company really tried to give the fans of DKC what we wanted (if you can conveniently forget the gameplay peg-climbing mechanic). New parts of DK Island were shown, with new bosses. The art style took a turn for the pixelated, which gave it its own visual charm. Best of all, it was a new game that showed those that gave it a chance that Rare wasn't the only one that can do the DK Crew justice. With over 100% to complete, you may be desiring to be the King of Swing longer than you expected...

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