After the enourmous popularity of Donkey Kong Country, it would have taken a stupid dirt farmer to stop the series right there. So work began at Rare on the SNES sequel and tentative plans were laid for an eventual N64 DKC-type game (Donkey Kong 64). But first up they had to prove that, along with the SNES, Game Boy wasn't dead either. They squeezed a bunch of ACM crap into the horrid LCD screen of the original Game Boy, juiced up the game with special colors and a border for Super Game Boy, and made it the semi-sequel to Donkey Kong Country. It was Donkey Kong Land. Starring Donkey and Diddy. With Rambi and Expresso along for the ride. And King K. Rool. Not to mention the original commercial had a bunch of teenagers grinding their hips with the game in their pockets. Remember that one?

Can you meet Cranky's challenge of recapturing the banana hoard on Game Boy, or will you wind up sleeping with the fishes in Kremlantis? With four huge worlds, bonus levels, and some of your good friends along for the ride, it's time to find out!

Donkey Kong Land
System Game Boy
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Rareware
Players 1
Game Size 8 Megabits
Rating K-A
Release Date June 26, 1995

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