Donkey Kong Land 2 was released on the same day the Nintendo 64 came out. Slush and Chad both bought a copy and didn't get an N64 until months later. It was a wise decision. Donkey Kong Land 2 marked the end of the first "DK drought," where no new DK game would come out for a large amount of time (over 10 months!). Taking care of the "hard to see character" problem of the first DKL, Rare reduced backrounds which sharpened the ACM graphics and made this game THE stocking stuffer of 1996.

Diddy Kong. Dixie Kong. K. Rool. They destroyed Crocodile Isle. He gets in deep water with the surviving Kremlings. They enjoy a nice day at the beach with their pals. He uses magic to rise Crocodile Isle and kidnaps DK in a "repeat" of the Kongs' last adventure (because it was a Friday and he just had to TEAR IT UP). Can K. Rool prove his worth to the Kremling Krew, or will you koerce them into koncocting a koup?

Donkey Kong Land 2
System Game Boy
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Rareware
Players 1
Game Size 8 Megabits
Rating K-A
Release Date September 27, 1996

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