There comes a time in every female primate's life when she must go out into the big, scary world with a young gorilla (or maybe baboon? Bonobo?) to collect stupid watches and play matching games. Wait, what the fresh Hell? We're just talking about Dixie and Kiddy Kong, exploring the southern Northern Kremisphere, where anything can happen! Can you dig it?

Thousands of rich hopefuls have flooded the land, hoping to find the fabled Lost World. Each of them would have to go through a series of obstacles and areas full of Kremlings, but it turns out K. Rool's gotten to the Lost World first...

Donkey Kong Land III
System Game Boy
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Rareware
Players 1
Game Size 8 Megabits
Rating K-A
Release Date October 1, 1997
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Swanky's Strife
Time Attack Times