I know that we've been craving some cameo party games for the last few years, but fret not! The gods have been listening to our pleas, and along with a new Mario Party they've even cooked up a little surprise for us.

You might've heard of an obscure Japanese series called "Itagaki Street" (or then again, you probably haven't). Donkey Kong was in Itagaki Street DS, but due to it's unfortunate exclusivity to Japan, it is not part of the DKU. So what is it? Well, it's basically like a combination between Mario Party and Monopoly. Random party games, with an economic twist, because the only thing that could make Mario Party better is a simulation of commerce. Did I mention it included Dragon Quest characters? If this isn't exactly where you'd imagined the DKU going, then you surely have no vision!

Thankfully, the latest rendition of the series (unlike it's DS predecessor) is coming to the West! Finally we have the privelege of covering this incredible (allegedly) crossover spectacular. Oh, and did I mention Diddy Kong is in it? No? Well, Diddy Kong is in it. I can only hope that our insatiable appetite for cameo party games has been at least partially fulfilled this holiday season. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go take a bath with a clock radio.

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