DK Vine Gallery - Fan Artwork

Unbeknownst to many, the DK Vine community is actually a breeding ground for some genuinely brilliant artistés. Hey, they even get an accent over that "é" and I don't give those things out lightly! So, in honour these lovably talented DKU-philes, here's an entire section dedicated to 'em. We've got it all, from cutesy to disturbing, from hilarious to terrifying. But always, definitely, excellent. For the internet's most fabulous DKU-inspired art, look no further!

Oh, and if you fancy yourself as a DKU illustrator of any sort (or if you're just after that much-coveted "é"), do feel free to hit us up on the DK Vine Submit! e-maily wotsit. We do try to impose a degree of quality control (that is, we recommend you take your rubbish fake box-arts and cruedly-drawn Lanky Kong penises elsewhere... please?) but if you put forth the effort (and, believe me, we can tell) then putting it up on here is our honour.

What about our gorgeous artistés, then? Don't worry, here they are! Clicky clicky!