What was once thought to be a working title for 2005's Banjo-Pilot was meant to be something more.

The story for this game goes all the way back to the original Xbox, with the game being "kind of a kart racer, but you constructed the karts out of different parts." Basically, it was Nuts & Bolts, but without the arbitrary missions and IP-destroying potential. It didn't get very far; it was a prototype that lasted for a minimum of two weeks, with concepting happening before Nuts & Bolts.

But here's where it gets complicated: "Banjo-Karting" (which may well have been more of a description than an actual working title) was another similar-in-principle, brief-and-quickly-abandoned project on Xbox 360, the development of which began ostensibly some time after Nuts & Bolts. Who knew?

Why, we knew! That's who! What we don't know is the degree to which the latter project was a continuation of the former. Whatever the case, there's a surprisng abundance of concept material for both, which we will now proceed to salivate over. Lookie!

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