A super-secret and, ultimately, super-nonexistent Conker project that first started germinating shortly after Live & Reloaded, Gettin' Medieval was to be a further expansion of the time-and-space multiplayer muddle-ups introduced in the earlier game. Only this time the furry weirdoes of Conker's world were to have the added option of delving into THE OLDEN DAYS, which would thus afford them an opportunity to wear tights, funny helmets and giant codpieces. What's not to like?

Still, whatever the plan was, it seems the project was ditched at the conceptual stage (in fact it's only via Rare Replay that we know about this thing at all). Pity, really - we could've finally had some answers to the Great Burning Questions of Willow Woodsian Lore! Who was the Weasel King? What really happened during the Milk Wars? And most importantly, ACORN PEOPLE?!?!?!?

The last one isn't really so much a question as just a general expression of my current state-of-mind.

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